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Monday, April 21, 2014

The Top 22 Last-Minute Summer Internships For Minority Students — It’s Not Too Late!

Minority Interns

Nationwide — Summer is near, and many students are anticipating their summer jobs or summer internships. Many, however, are procrastinating and have not yet applied for the many opportunities that are available. Each year, minority students especially seem to be waiting to the last minute to apply.

Last summer for example, the Black teen unemployment rate was at an alarmingly high rate, and this added to the already devastating statistics of Black unemployment.

With all that being said, it is not too late and there are many programs that are still accepting applications – not just for the summer, but also for the upcoming fall and winter.

Below is a list of the top 2014/2015 minority internships:

#1 – The AAAS Minority Science Writers Internship is a summer program for minority students interested in a career in journalism. Learn more at www.findinternships.com/2014/02/the-aaas-minority-science-writers.html

#2 – The Year Up IT Internship Program is an intensive training program that helps urban young adults increase their technical skills and prepare for a career in information technology. Learn more at www.findinternships.com/2013/06/year-up-it-internship.html

#3 – The Explore Microsoft Internship Program is for current college undergraduate minority students pursuing a degree in computer science or software engineering. Learn more at www.findinternships.com/2013/04/Explore-Microsoft-Internship-Program.html

#4 – The White House Initiative’s Year-round Internship Program offers an exciting experience for undergraduate and graduate students who are interested in improving education outcomes for African Americans. Learn more at www.findinternships.com/2013/04/white-house-initiative-year-round-internship-program.html

#5 – The Multicultural Advertising Intern Program is a paid, full-time summer internship for college students pursuing a career in advertising. Learn more at www.findinternships.com/2013/10/multicultural-advertising-intern-program.html

#6 – The NCAA Ethnic Minority and Women’s Internship offers an opportunity for a minority, female college student to be chosen for a unique two-year internship program. Learn more at www.findinternships.com/2013/10/ncaa-ethnic-minority-and-womens.html

#7 – The Upscale Magazine Internship is an unpaid internship for college credit for a college student with interest in website and print design. Learn more at www.findinternships.com/2013/10/upscale-magazine-internship.html

#8 – The Source Magazine Internship offers internships for many different skills, including writers, photographers, videographers, stylists, make-up artists, photo editors, sales and advertising. Learn more at www.findinternships.com/2013/10/the-source-magazine-internships.html

#9 – The Black Enterprise Internships are designed to provide real-life work experiences for college students interested in a career in the media industry. Learn more at www.findinternships.com/2013/10/black-enterprise-internships.html

#10 – The Essence Communications Internship Program is open to undergraduate, graduate students, or recent college graduates interested in a career in the media industry. Learn more at www.findinternships.com/2013/10/essence-communications-internship.html

For the full list (opportunities #11-22), visit:

SOURCE: FindInternships.com