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Tuesday, August 27, 2019

The Top 7 Areas to Be Examined in Solving the Race Issue in America

Paradigm Publishing announces the release of “Solving The Race Issue In America,” a new book by H. J. Harris.

Book cover and author, H.J. Harris

Bookcover and author, H.J. Harris

Nationwide — “When America twice elected Barack Obama as the first African American President, many Americans thought that the cancer of racism was finally healed and that America had faced the spiritual dilemma of racism and delivered on its creed of equality and justice for all. It appeared that Dr. Martin Luther King’s dream had finally been realized,” said H. J. Harris, author of Solving The Race Issue In America.

The 2016 presidential campaign however took a different tone. It was full of race-tainted rhetoric and messaging to “‘take our country back. “A recent statement by President Trump to ‘send them back’ in reference to four democratic congresswomen along with the recent increase of white supremacist activities highlight the racial divide in America,” according to Harris.

“Current events have shown that the cancer of racism and hate that has festered since the birth of this nation is alive, well and growing more blatant every day”, says Harris.

Now, over 150 years after the end of the Civil War and the Emancipation Proclamation, the question still remains: what must we do to solve the race issue in America?

According to Harris’ book, Solving The Race Problem In America, there are three things we must do to address racism and resolve the issue of race in America:

1. We must study and learn the truth of the history of our nation with respect to race, discrimination and slavery. “When people are confronted with an uncomfortable truth, they often dispute, deny or deflect the facts. It is only when we – black and white Americans – confront the racial divide and face the truth of race relations that we can begin to solve it,” states Harris.

2. We must finally recognize that we cannot solve the race issue in America at the same level of consciousness that created it.

According to H. J. Harris, “Laws, from Plessy v Ferguson to Brown v the Board of Education and Black Codes; customs and practices – from Jim Crow to Racial Desegregation; Freedom Riders and Black Lives Matter demonstrations; have not brought about life, liberty and justice for all Americans promised in the Declaration of Independence.”

3. We must consider a spiritual approach to solving the race issue, applying the spiritual principles set forth in the Bible starting with the “golden rule” – do unto others as you would have them do unto you – acknowledgement, forgiveness and atonement.

To accomplish these three objectives, the author believes that we must examine seven (7) areas to begin the process of solving the race issue in America:

1. America’s record in dealing with black Americans

2. The origins and impact of the race issue in the Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution

3. The slavery experience and its present day impact on the psychology of all Americans

4. The structural and systemic impact of legal, governmental and social institutions

5. The role of media -TV and the internet specifically- in facilitating cultural, social and political change

6. Why the cycle of racism has been re-energized by the rhetoric of the President and the growth of white nationalist and white supremacist groups

7. The spiritual solution in addressing the choices and consequences that confront America in solving the race issue

A major objective of Solving The Race Issue In America is to give a brief historical overview of the black American experience from the Civil War to the present. “The purpose of this overview is not to indict white Americans as racists, but rather to educate all Americans to the facts so that we can better understand each other and work together to resolve the race issue,” explains Harris.

Harris states, “I felt compelled to write this book because as long as we – black and white Americans – continue to dispute, deny and deflect racist language and conduct; as long as we see white nationalists and white supremacists spread their message of hate and intolerance; as long as our leaders fan the flames of hate and division – there will be a mortal cancer on the heart and soul of America.”

Harris asserts a sense of urgency: “It’s time for the good people to ‘speak and not faint.’ America stands now at the crossroads of history, facing a major test of our moral conscience and our true commitment to the words and spirit set forth in the Declaration of Independence – ‘that all men are created equal…with certain inalienable rights… Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.’”

According to the publisher, the information contained in this book is critical to all black and white Americans as we strive to bridge the racial divide. It is particularly important for high school and college students as they learn to navigate the real world.

H. J. Harris is presently scheduling speaking engagements. More information is available at info@solvingtheraceissue.com or by phone 800-570-4009.

A review copy of Solving The Race Issue In America is available by email to info@solvingtheraceissue.com containing your affiliation and best mailing address.

Solving The Race Issue In America, ISBN 978-1-890199-07-4 paperback ($16.95) is available at Amazon, Ingram, African World, Lushena, and most online booksellers.

More information is available at www.solvingtheraceissue.com


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