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Tuesday, July 3, 2018

America’s Top Magazine Dedicated to Promoting Black Speakers Celebrates One-Year Anniversary

Speakers Magazine Publisher Pam Perry Launches Podcast and Partners with FraserNet’s Annual Power Networking Conference

Speakers Magazine

The first 12 issues of Speakers Magazine

Nationwide — In a world where everything is digital and social networking is the norm, Pam Perry saw a need to produce an actual printed publication that highlights African American speakers and provide “live” conference promotion onsite. For twelve months, Speakers Magazine has produced monthly issues and created promotional strategies for conferences nationwide.

Speakers Magazine also partnered with the Black Speakers Network, which is now the official magazine of the organization – and has helped grow BSN’s Facebook group from 1,500 members to now over 6,000.

Over the last year, Speakers Magazine cover stories included: Dr. George Fraser; Dr. Missy Johnson; Arian Simon; Barbara Bates; Cheryl Wood; Jonathan Pressley, John Leslie Brown, Felicia Davis, Dee Marshall, Les Brown, Dr. Avis Jones-DeWeever and Dr. Venus Opal Reese.

This month’s cover story is Dr. Terrence Cash. Dr. Cash, who presents five times during Dr. George Fraser’s Power Networking Conference, will speak on topics related to wealth building, financial empowerment and business.

“This is a full-circle moment for me,” said Pam Perry, publisher of Speakers Magazine. “Last year we launched our magazine at Power Networking Conference and this year we’re here again as a Power Partner. Dr. George Fraser, who saw our vision from the very beginning, is master speaker and networking guru. I’m so grateful to have him as a mentor and friend.”

In addition to twelve cover stories which lives on the magazine’s website indefinitely, Speakers Magazine also promotes conferences before their events and during using their “real time” social media public relations strategy. “We traveled to our cover story’s events and produced for them oversized magazine covers to display, provided photography, did some live streaming and postings on all our social media channels. We also provide a press release and blog post to ensure the conferences gets the coverage they deserve to fill up their events, secure sponsors and get media buzz.”

Dr. Missy Johnson said, “By being on the cover of Speakers Magazine for my first conference was amazing. It solidified the significance of the conference and brought in people I would not have reached otherwise. My sponsors and were happy too because it up leveled the entire event showing that they were associated with something different and first class. All my guests got a copy to take home with them and that was a cool bonus for them.”

Perry, who is a publicist by profession, is also launching a podcast to interview all the speakers featured in the magazine. The podcast called, “The Speakers Show with Pam Perry” will be on iTunes and on the magazine’s website. Over the last year, Speakers Magazine has featured 64 speakers. The back issues are available online at www.SpeakersMagazine.net.

“It’s only been a year and we’re still evolving. So many people have messages to share, we just want to do what we can to help them market their message, position their brand, promote their events and publicize to the world know how fabulous they are – because they’re ready to be booked,” said Perry.

To be featured in an upcoming issue or get information on event promotion and PR, contact publisher Pam Perry at (248) 690-6810 or email staff@pamperrypr.com.