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Monday, July 28, 2014

High School Principal Declares, “School Alone is not Enough to Ensure Your Child’s Success”

Tovi Scruggs

Tovi Scruggs, author of “Parent Champion”

Oakland, CA — It is no secret that many children in America are not being served by their schools. While everyone plays a role in this struggle and in its solution, no one group is more important than parents. Only when families and schools are committed to partnering can all children truly succeed.

Tovi Scruggs says the answer is not simply parenting, but “educational parenting,” a term she has originated to get parents and school systems to look at serving students better for academic success.

First Lady Michelle Obama & Essence Magazine Editor-in-Chief Vanessa K. Bush have put out the call in the August 2014 issue for us to be a champion for our children. Parent Champion Coach Tovi Scruggs has just released a book in full alignment with that national call and initiative; the book is titled Be a Parent Champion: A Guide to Becoming a Partner with Your Child’s School.

Tovi Scruggs, co-founder of ASA Academy & Community Science Center and now principal of a large comprehensive public high school in the Bay Area, wrote Be a Parent Champion: A Guide to Becoming a Partner with Your Child’s School and conducts corresponding interviews, workshops, and book talks that are designed to motivate and educate parents to be their very best as school partners. Parents are inspired to analyze, reflect, and take action in regard to how they co-educate their children by partnering with their child’s school. Parent Champion is the must-have book for this school year!

Principal Tovi Scruggs holds two undergraduate degrees from the University of California, Berkeley as well teaching and administrative credentials and a Master’s Degree from Mills College. Scruggs is also a public school product of Inglewood High School in Southern California. Her real credentials, however, come from working for 20 years in public and private schools, championing students, teachers, and families from whom she garnered a wealth of experience, skills, and talents that make up “best practices” for education. She continues to hone those practices and coach others to do the same in her work as a Parent Champion Coach through a variety of workshops she has put on for schools across the state.

Ms. Scruggs is a delightful guest for interviews by phone or in person. Topics include the following:

* How to be a Parent Champion
Discusses “educational parenting” and Parent Champion precepts. Inspires and educates parents to be their very best as school-partners as they analyze, reflect, and take action in regards to how they co-educate and partner with their child’s school. While schools are creating a culture of success, so too will families.

* Building the Home-School Connection
Your child’s best chance at academic and personal success is linked to the strength of the home-school connection. In this workshop, learn key methods, strategies, and structures to build a solid homeschool connection that will result in Parent Champion behaviors.

* Back-to-School Readiness
Being ready for school is more than new clothes and new school supplies. Readiness is a growth mindset, the proper attitude, emotional stability, and the organizational structures in place to be ready to “do school” instead of letting another year of school do you.

* Parents’ Right to Choose: School Selection for Your Child
This workshop educates parents about the types of schools that exist, assists parents in getting clear about the best school for their child, and then guides parents in how to best select a school with clear step by step guidance.


What people are saying about Tovi C. Scruggs and Parent Champion:

“The health and well being of our children and our community requires that parents are knowledgeable about and engaged in the education process. Parent Champion gives parents and guardians the lay of the land and grounds our expectations in a hard reality. It challenges us to be reflective and proactive with practical tools that are tried and tested. Use one or use them all….Just get in action!”
— Jenee Johnson, Parent Champion, Mother, Director, San Francisco Black Infant Health Program, San Francisco Department of Public Health

“With the ultimate goal of dramatically improving genuine parent participation in their children’s academic lives, as well as improving student academic achievement, Parent Champion bridges the cultural gap between schools and parents/ communities, strives to advance relationships between teachers, parents and students, and identifies community resources that can be used to support students’ academic success.”
— Robyn Fisher, President/CEO, RTFisher Educational Enterprises, Inc., Co-Founder and Board Chair, The Choose College Foundation, Inc.

“This model provides a pattern for increased parental involvement with their child’s educational, emotional, psychological, and physical well-being, all of which are necessary to become a mature adult who is a contributing member of society to the extent their ability, capacity and potential will allow. I endorse this program wholeheartedly.”
— Adam Taylor, Executive Director of K-12 Operations, West Contra Costa


For more information about Tovi Scruggs or her new book, visit www.ticiess.com

Tovi Scruggs

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