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Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Toya Wright’s Brother, Walter Johnson, Releases New Book and Offers an Apology to Rapper Lil Wayne

Lions and Legends by Walter Johnson

New Orleans, LA — Walter “Trifelon” Johnson, BET Reality Star of Toya: A Family Affair, has released his memoir titled Lions and Legends: Murder, Music, Mayhem and A Family Secret That Changed Everything. Walter’s Lions revolves around childhood experiences dealing with his mom Anita’s drug problems, going to prison, becoming a reality TV star, falling in love with the woman of his dreams and getting forced into a life of crime at the age of twelve in order to take care of his brothers: Casey, Rudy and Josh. Last summer, Rudy and Josh were gunned down in New Orleans and Walter speaks candidly about losing two brothers to senseless violence.

Inviting comparisons to Shaka Senghor’s Writing My Wrongs, Walter hopes to not only heal his family with the telling of his true story, but also seeks redemption and forgiveness for all of his wrong doings, offering an apology to famed rapper Lil Wayne for a childhood altercation involving his sister Toya that the budding new author now deeply regrets.

“I was young, angry and foolish,” Walter stated from a federal prison where he’s fighting bank robbery charges. “We were just a bunch of kids trying to make it on the hardcore streets of New Orleans and there’s never an excuse for violence and this is the reason why I hope Wayne can forgive me. I will always consider him family.”

Despite facing possible prison time, Walter is hopeful about the future. His book is quickly gaining national attention and will be featured at Howard University’s Homecoming 150th Anniversary where panelists will talk about violence in America. Walter’s sister Toya Wright has even offered her brother support. When she was recently asked her thoughts about the book, she said, “Lions and Legends is so good! I couldn’t stop crying.”

For more information and to order the book, please visit www.WALTERTJOHNSON.com or Amazon.com.


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