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Thursday, October 1, 2020

Black Veteran Seeks Justice After Senseless Mob Attack on His Son By Football Teammates at The University of South Carolina

Travis Hall, father of Kamarah Hall

Nationwide — As the fall 2020 academic year began, incoming Freshman Kamarah Hall was eager for his new beginnings at the higher learning institution of his choice, the University of South Carolina. As an athlete there are many things to be excited about when entering college like meeting your fellow teammates, getting acclimated on campus, and navigating new uncharted territory. Little did Kamarah know that before he could even get comfortable in his dormitory a series of unforeseen events would change his life permanently. As an athlete, one of the most important parts of your success is the brotherhood bond built amongst teammates. Kamarah was robbed of that experience and brutalized by the people who he should be trusting the most.

The Attack

Due to a history of unchecked bullying and group/gang violence, a young man has acquired PTSD that will be associated with one of the most memorable experiences of his life. The initial confrontation began at 650 Lincoln Athletic dorms on August 17th when Kamarah Hall was harassed by two fellow football players. The two primary agitators then recruited more members of the football team and staged an attack on Kamarah that would occur at the same location, 650 Lincoln Athletic Dorm. On August 23rd, Kamarah was attacked by a mob of his teammates who played similar positions. The primary attackers were Jammie Robinson, John Dixon, and Rashad Amos. The other players involved were Joey Hunter. O’Donnell Fortune, Zaquandre White, Dominick Hill, Mike Wyman, Rodricus Fitten, Jahmar Brown, Keir Thomas, Rosendo Louis Jr, and Gilbert Edmonds.

The young men involved in the attack are all defensive players which is also the position Kamarah entered the team as a walk-on. There is a clear motive for the bullying and jumping based on the position the players are involved in. Kamarah still suffers from injuries from blows behind the ear from the assailant Jammie Robinson. These young men acted irresponsibly and could have caused permanent physical damage along with the mental damage he acquired from the unprovoked attack.


Since the attack, there has been a campaign to assassinate Kamarah’s character. Although he is the victim and should be focusing on recovering from this incident, he was kicked off the team based on an accusation of theft from one of the attackers. Kamarah’s father, Travis Hall, has spearheaded a campaign focused on justice for his son. There has been a civil suit filed against George Wynn and the University of South Carolina. In regards to the investigation, there have been several cases of foul play and withholding of critical evidence.

The Hall family says they have to be proactive because there is little to no cooperation and communication about the case. Since the incident, the University South Carolina campus police have been retaining critical evidence that shows the attack in the stairwell on Aug 23, 2020, between 1:25am and 1:28am. Recently the victim and Travis Hall were shown abbreviated parts of the attack. The Assault Investigator said that he doesn’t have video from the stairwell located at 650 Lincoln Athletic dorms that would show the 13 football players attacking the victim. The Hall family demands the release of all the video evidence of the attack to the public. For more information refer to the links below.

News article about the attack:

Visit the website JusticeForKamarah2020.com for more details about the case and how you can help.