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Wednesday, November 22, 2023

12-Year-Old Black CEO Who Started a Lemonade Beverage Company at Age 9 Releases New Inspirational Book

Tre Glasper

Nationwide — Tre Glasper, the 12-year-old founder of Tre’s Squeeze, an all-natural lemonade beverage company he created at the age of nine, is now celebrating the release of his new inspirational book. In the book, which is entitled Squeeze into Your Dreams, he reveals how he built his company at such a young age and was able to get his lemonade beverage into local grocery stores, restaurants, and food trucks.

Young Tre brings an inspiring gift to readers with the release of his debut book, which is published by LaunchCrate Publishing, a Black-woman-owned publisher based in Kansas.

Squeeze into Your Dreams narrates the spirited journey of Tre, who, with a sparkle of vision and determination, established Tre’s Squeeze amidst the pandemic. Recognizing an untapped opportunity at his local farmer’s market, Tre unveiled a brand of lemonade that is more than just a delightful beverage. It’s the embodiment of dreams, aspiration, and the unyielding spirit of entrepreneurship, spotlighted by his motto: “Squeeze into your Dreams.”

While the book is deeply rooted in Tre’s adventure into the business realm with his lemonade stand, it extends an open arm to dreamers worldwide, irrespective of age. Through the captivating tale of Tre’s entrepreneurial endeavor, readers are gracefully led into a universe where dreams are boundless, and age is no barrier to realizing one’s ambitions.

The vibrancy of Tre’s story is further brought to life with the stunning illustrations by Xavier Gayden, the renowned artist celebrated for his work on the historical Brown v Board of Education Mural in Topeka, Kansas. Each page is a canvas where words and images dance in harmony, weaving a tapestry that is as inspiring as Tre’s journey itself.

This debut work has not only allowed Tre to share his uplifting narrative but has garnered recognition, celebrating him as a beacon of young entrepreneurship. Kansas Governor Laura Kelly acknowledged Tre’s contribution by awarding him the title of Kansas Young Entrepreneur of the Year in 2023. Tre has won statewide and regional pitch competitions including the Network Kansas Empower Minority Pitch Competition and HyVee OpportUNITY Pitch Competition. He’s been featured on NPR, WIBW, and Black Enterprise. Tre has accomplished all of this while maintaining all A’s in school.

His book Squeeze into Your Dreams is available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble

Also, learn more about Tre’s beverage company called Tre’s Squeeze at TresSqueeze.com

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