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Thursday, January 3, 2019

Meet the Entrepreneur Who Wants to Open the Only Black-Owned Book Store in Orlando, Florida

Trenessa Williams founder of Kizzy's Books

Trenessa Williams, founder of Kizzy’s Books

Nationwide — Imagine a place where lovers of African-American literature and culture can come together and have their needs met. Kizzy’s Books & More, founded by entrepreneur Trenessa L. Williams, MBA, DBA, is that place! It’s an online bookstore that sells African-American literature and other products that embrace Black culture. The store, named after the character Kizzy from Roots by Alex Haley, is committed to embracing the African-American culture and the joy of reading.

Taking things to the next level

But now, Trenessa is planning to open an actual brick and mortar storefront for Kizzy’s Books & More within the next few months. The intended location is in the Parramore neighborhood in west-central Orlando, Florida. Once launched, it will be the only Black-owned book store in the area, and the Parramore neighborhood is perfect because its a historic community that is currently being revitalized.

Black consumers in Parramore and the surrounding areas need a place that sells a wide range of African-American literature and products because currently what is being sold at other stores is very limited and often times not easily accessible. Kizzy’s Books & More plans to fill that void!

An Indiegogo campaign has been created to raise capital for the initial inventory and point-of-sales system. There are some amazing things planned for this first-of-its-kind brick and mortar storefront.

To find out more about the Indiegogo campaign and/or to make a donation to help Trenessa raise the funds, please visit www.indiegogo.com/projects/bringing-an-african-american-bookstore-to-orlando–2/x/19200402


About Kizzy’s Books & More
Kizzy’s Books & More is an independent bookstore committed to embracing the African-American culture and the joy of reading. Their goal is to offer a trendy yet eclectic bookstore that allows consumers the opportunity to buy African-American products while promoting literacy.

The idea of Kizzy’s Books & More was formed back in 2008 when Trenessa noticed that there wasn’t a bookstore that focused on African-American Literature in Orlando, Florida. This discovery began her quest to learn more about the bookselling industry and how to own a bookstore. She began obtaining the necessary training, and this year she decided to step out on faith and turn her dream into a reality.

For more details about Kizzy’s Books & More, visit www.kizzysbooksandmore.com or follow them on Facebook at @kizzysbooksandmore


Kizzy’s Books & More