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Tuesday, February 2, 2021

New Book and Virtual Exhibit Honors Little-Known Black Nobles, Elites and Etiquette Pioneers

Trenette Wilson, a leading etiquette expert and social historian, reveals in her new book and virtual tour how Black royals and social elites have been the backbone for equality throughout history.

Trenette Wilson, author of 'Royal, Black and Elite'

Nationwide — In the midst of Black History Month and with the recent swearing-in of the first African American as Vice President, Trenette Wilson (“Lady T”), etiquette expert and social historian, agrees that Americans have much to celebrate, from these modern triumphs to those long-forgotten heroes in our history. She has announced the release of her all-new history book, Royal, Black and Elite: A Tribute to Nobility and the Pioneers of Etiquette in Black History, and a virtual “royal” tour.

“Did you know that blacks were royalty and part of elite society throughout America and the world? Way before Bridgerton, there were royals like, Duke Alessandro di’ Medici, Florence, Italy’s only duke of African descent, Josephine Beall Willson Bruce, America’s first black socialite, and Maxine Powell who served as Motown’s ‘Maven of Etiquette’ and many others. They worked tirelessly on critical issues such as abolition, the right to vote, and equality in business. That is why I wrote Royal, Black and Elite, a new book featuring the profiles of 26 little-known nobles, black elites, and wealthy businesspeople from the 3rd Century to the 1900s. These were real people that paved the way for us today, ”she continued.

Wilson refers to Netflix’s new period piece, Bridgerton, written by Emmy winner, Shonda Rhimes who gave the world their first glimpse at a Black queen sitting on the throne of England. “As exciting as that show is, what most people don’t know is that Queen Charlotte, the queen featured in the drama is arguably England’s second queen of African descent,” said Wilson, an award-winning author and founder of the National Association of Urban Etiquette Professionals (NAUEP), the largest etiquette association in the nation serving urban communities.

“My goal in writing this book is to take readers on a discovery of their royal roots found in the heritage of black men and women who are often obscure in Black History, but who were the forerunners of our modern-day rights,” Wilson explained.

“One of the highlights of Royal, Black and Elite is the discussion about Black royalty in Europe, the rise of the Black bourgeoisie, and the impact of etiquette on Black communities. The online pictorial exhibit features photographs of Black royals, elite Blacks in business and arts, etiquette pioneers, and Black aristocracy during the turn of the century and beyond,” continued Wilson.

For more information about Royal, Black and Elite or for media inquiries and interviews, please contact Miriam Glover at 214-701-5352 or at news@urbangirlz.org, or call the NAUEP national office at 800-291-6492.