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Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Meet the HBCU Graduate Who Recently Co-Hosted Elizabeth City State University’s 50th Golden Class Reunion for the Class of 1968

Trequita Overton, co-host of the ECSU Golden Class Reunion For the Class of 1968

Trequita Overton, co-host of the ECSU Golden Class Reunion for the Class of 1968

Nationwide — Elizabeth City North Carolina’s own Trequita Overton, ECSU 1999, Interim President, Atlanta Metro Alumni Chapter 2018, along with “Mr. Talk” Otis R. Strong III, ’76 recently hosted the Elizabeth City College (ECSC 1968) Seniors Golden 50th Meet and Greet Galas on Friday, October 26, 2018 at the Walter N. Ridley Student Center on Elizabeth City State University’s (ECSU) campus and at the Hampton Inn, Elizabeth City, North Carolina.

ECSC’s 1968 seniors concerns in absentia, Butler L. Sharpe III, Riverwoods, Illinois and Raymond M. Davis, Baton Rouge, Louisiana: the table topic discussion during the event involved the following questions. Will you continue to support our Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs), namely ECSU? (2) Will you advise high school graduates, military veterans, junior college transfers, the undecided and the millennials of existing generations … Gen Y or Z, to attend ECSU and, or, other HBCUs? (3) How valuable is the HBCU degree? Memory mobility practices for an aging generation, “Are you yet holding on?”

On the following day, ECSU Homecoming Parade Saturday, October 27, 2018, the ECSC 1968 Throws were seen on the front of an ECSU 1983 graduate’s “oversized” trucks. Mr. Timothy R. Rodgers, ’83, of Newport News, VA, is a proud American veteran owner, chief executive officer (CEO) and chief financial officer (CFO) for this trucking company of military veterans. He partners with his brother, Reverend Gregory Rodgers, who is a driver and the chief operating officer (COO) of transportation and logistics. During the ECSU Homecoming Parade, Reverend Gregory Rodgers (Williamston, NC) was driving the blue ECSU Viking throwed-oversized truck; driver Don May (Greenville, NC) was driving the white ECSU Viking “Big” truck, with Dr. Charles L. Singleton,’68 as its passenger.

Everyone along the parade route was so glad to see and photograph the L. M. Rodgers Trucking L. L. C., color-coordinated “Supersized” trucks, from Williamston and Greenville, NC, during Elizabeth City State University (ECSU) Annual Homecoming Parade, Downtown, Elizabeth City, NC, truly made ALL of us repeat, “Viking Pride, Viking Pride!” L. M. Rodgers Trucking, L.L.C., XPO USDOT 688143, Founded: March 24, 2014, Williamston, NC.

Also, at the Annual Prayer Breakfast, Sunday, in the K. E. White Graduate Center, ECSC Homecoming Queen of 50 years ago, Ingrid Y. East Dildy,’68 introduced the keynote speaker; former ECSC Student Council President and ECSU Sports Hall of Fame inductee (1999), Dr. Charles L. Singleton, ’68, Author, Journalist, Educational and Clinical Research Consultant, and Purple Heart Recipient 1970, Army, the Republic of Vietnam. Singleton spoke about his life’s journey and the valuable educational experiences he received and was blessed with; while attending ECSU. And, the Elizabeth City State College (ECSC) Seniors were able to contribute over $34,000 plus in scholarships for Elizabeth City State University.

The Family Journal USA Awards recipients of the 50th Golden Reunion were:

Interim Chancellor Dr. Karrie G. Dixon; ECSU National Alumni Association/Abdul Sm Rasheed, ‘71 ; Lifetime Achievement: Coach Robert Louis “Bobby” Vaughan, Dr. Helen Marshall Caldwell, Cleveland A. Blount, Jr., ’68; Posthumously (Leonard R. Ballou) and Dr. Edna L. Davis, March 25, 1987, Professor Emeritus, Chairperson, ECSU Department of Music 1965-1986 (Recipient, Dr. Latif Tarik, Archivist), Dr. Edna L. Davis: Trusted Adviser/Thomas Evans,’68 and Charles L. Singleton,’68; Special Service and Support: Dr. John Michael Lee, Jr., Dr. Jeanette H. Evans, ‘63, Ziner Johnson Alexander,’66, Natalie L. Weeks,‘90, Earnest A. Green, ‘68.

The ECSC 1968 Teleconference Committee:

Thomas Evans, Jr., ‘68, soloist; Nathaniel Grant, Jr., ‘68, Butler L. Sharpe III, ‘68, liaison, ECSU Annual Prayer Breakfast; Billy k. Kirkpatrick,‘68, Dr. Phyllise J. Wilkins Church,‘68, special arrangements; Raymond M. Davis,‘68, Dr. Charles L. Singleton, ‘68, cohost; Bernard Bailey, Jr., ‘68, Sandra Bailey,‘69, Dr. Leroy A. Sutton, Jr.,‘68, Freya H. Faulcon Blount, ‘68, Barbara B. Sutton,’74, John W. Robinson,‘66, comedian; William Spencer Bryant III, ’68, ‘67, music entertainment.

History and Journalism:

Dr. Glen Bowman, ECSU Professor, Author, Historian, Reggie Ponder, Staff Writer, The Daily Advance; Program and Community Support: Ernest Spicer, Chrome Pony Mustang Club, L. M. Rodgers Trucking, L.L.C., Tyrone A. Hopkins, ‘68, Trequita Darnee Overton, ’99, Otis R. Strong III, ’76; Career Achievement Award: Dr. James E. Lyons, ’68, Ingrid Y. East Dildy, ‘68, Dr. Harry J. Ghee, ’68.

Special Awards:

Earnest A. Green, ‘68,Thomas Evans, Jr., ‘68, Nathaniel Grant, Jr., ‘68, Butler L. Sharpe III, ‘68, Raymond M. Davis, ‘68, Dr. Phyllise J. Wilkins Church,‘68, Samuel Jeter,‘68; ECSU Student Supporters and Volunteers: Cornell Dorsey, a junior business major and ECSU Chancellor’s ambassador Noah Gunter, a sophomore aviation major who proudly exemplified the U. S. Armed Forces Anthem and Armed Forces Medley Salutes with a special salute to the 1968 Army veterans: Herman Pompey Horne, Jr., Purple Heart, Vietnam; Nathaniel Grant, Jr., Thomas Evans, Jr, Charles L. Singleton, Purple Heart, Vietnam and Samuel Jeter, career military serviceman. Likewise, Trequita Overton, ’99 complemented this special celebratory gala, with an October Breast Cancer Awareness Salute: ECSU Pink Viking Cap and reminded everyone to Vote on election day, U.S.A.

In Memoriam, Gone But Not Forgotten, ECSC 1968 Deceased (20):

Charlie Hoggard, Allen Lloyd Lawrence, Phyllis Walton, Robert Williams, Chelsie M. Griffin, William P. Skinner, Sheila Ervin, Raymond T. Hyman, Riddick Parker, Ervin McPherson, Roy L. Bond Jr, Henry D. Rhoulac, Herman Pompey Horne, Jr, Raymond Carmichael, Celvin L. Webster, Patrick H. Tyrance, Sr., Levon Little, William Steve Settle, Cleveland Augustus Blount, and Richard Hart.

Special funds established are as follows:

* Henry D. Rhoulac Memorial Scholarship Fund – www.facebook.com/Rhoulac/

* The Cleveland A. Blount Memorial Scholarship Fund: www.ecsu.edu/give
(Click on Donate! Select “Cleveland A. Blount Jr. Memorial Scholarship Fund” under “What Brought You To Our Site.” Under Gift Designation, please select “Cleveland A. Blount Jr. Memorial Scholarship Fund.”)

* The William Steve Settle Memorial Fund: Please call 252-335-3743 or 252-335-3223

The Family Journal Awards for the 50th Golden Reunion were funded through GeeChee Gumee HBCU ECSU 1891 Writer. ECSC Class Data Tracking, October 26, 2018: (369) Freshmen and (174) ECSC 1968 Graduates: 47.2% Graduation rate, 56+ Addresses Unknown (Presumption of Death Findings). Thus seniors, living today of ECSC 1968 have a life expectancy attainable age range (74.4-94.4) of survivability. Meaning, obtaining a good ECSC. ECSU college education could extend one’s life expectancy. And, in memoriam, 20 classmates of 1968 are now deceased.

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