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Friday, May 29, 2020

Organization to Hold Trump and Congress Accountable for Black Americans Who Died From COVID-19

Triangle ADOS Shares White House Petition and Submitted a Proposal for Concerned Black American Citizens (CBAC)

Black Americans wearing face masks

NationwideTriangle ADOS in collaboration with ADOS CT, ADOS NE, Twin Cities ADOS, Rocky Mount ADOS, and Friends of ADOS TV have co-sponsored a petition for COVID-19 relief specific for ADOS. The proposal, submitted by Concerned Black American Citizens (CBAC) on May 4th, calls for the immediate release of $2.4 trillion in stimulus funding to provide: $6,000 per month, a 60% housing incentive, and federal employee health insurance to Black Americans who have suffered the highest disparities in death.

Justification for this proposal is due to the high percentage (35.7%) of Black Americans that have died from COVID-19 compared to the percent (13%) of Black Americans represented in the US Population. CBAC maintains that comments from the Surgeon General were not only irresponsible, but racist in is intent to placate the mishandling of the coronavirus pandemic by the US Government and Congress.

See the following links for CBAC’s COVID-19 Plan (Medium) article, the current COVID 19 Relief Proposal for Black Americans, and the petition respectively: CBAC COVID-19 Relief Plan explanation, COVID- 19 Relief for Black Americans Proposal, COVID-19 Relief for Black Americans Petition.

“The statements by the current presiding Surgeon General, Jerome Adams was not only irresponsible, but wholly false. Recent surveys have shown that Black Americans have practiced increased hand washing, touch avoidance, and social distancing at higher percentages than other demographics since the COVID-19 crisis. We have reason to believe that disparities of the COVID-19 deaths among Black Americans are due to an overrepresentation in service related jobs, now termed ‘essential’ work and environmental racism,” says Dr. LaTosha Gibson, Spokesperson for Triangle ADOS.

In addition to the three major provisions in the proposal, CBAC calls for the following remediations:

* A hotline to report medical facilities that refuse COVID-19 testing to Black Americans and fast- tracking diagnosis in such cases.

* Accurate reporting of all death rates of Black Americans due to COVID-19.

* Accurate reporting of both symptomatic and asymptomatic infection rates among Black communities


Triangle ADOS is a nonprofit chapter organization that is representative of the American Descendant of Slavery (ADOS) Movement in the cities of Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill in North Carolina. Concerned Black American Citizens (CBAC) is a nonpartisan coalition of American Descendants of Slavery, ADOS, advocacy groups. Learn more at https://triangleados.com


Dr. LaTosha Gibson
(919) 446-3611