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Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Young Actress From “Mixed-ish” to Start College at 14 Years Old

Trinitee Stokes, 14-year old actress in college

Nationwide — Trinitee Stokes, a 14-year old student from Jackson, Mississippi who is also a sitcom actress, is now also one of the youngest students to attend college.

Stokes has been known for playing the role of Judy Cooper on the Disney Channel series K.C. Undercover. She currently stars as Tamika on the show Mixed-ish. At the same time, the young achiever also excels at school.

“The college classes, especially during COVID-19, I just stacked up and stacked up all of my learning and it equated to my teacher saying, ‘You’re going to be graduating this semester.’ I was like no way!” Trinitee told WAPT.

Even when she was younger, she showed outstanding academic skills. She was able to skip 2nd grade and take college classes in middle school. She is thankful to her parents for guiding her in her career and studies.

“I remember when I was younger I would say I’m not really feeling school today, and my mom was like if you make bad grades, you’re not going to set today. So, that helped me maintain all As and Bs throughout school,” she said.

Stokes have yet to reveal which college she will be attending but she said she will most likely be studying political communication with a minor in public diplomacy.