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Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Troy J. Walker’s “I’m Not Your Enemy” Explores the Violence Among Black and Brown Communities and Urges For Unity

Troy J. Walker, author of I'm Not Your Enemy

New Orleans, LA — In the existing sociopolitical climate, Troy J. Walker, an activist, poet, and entrepreneur, has released I’m Not Your Enemy, an impactful narrative that explores the violence towards and among the Black and Brown communities of America. The book touches upon systematic racism in the country and how it has turned people of color against each other when they should be offering each other support.

Having to grow up amid the turbulent and unpredictable streets of New Orleans, Troy got to observe and live through the violence and discrimination. His childhood experiences, half a decade of incarceration, and seeing the viciousness of the drug trade through a single involvement over 30 years ago inspired him to dedicate his life to changing social patterns within the community. He strongly believes in the need for unity among people of color to deliver them from the state of unrest. His homelessness after the devastation caused by Hurricane Katrina further strengthened his resolve. He has since chosen to fully devote his life to activism and continues to work towards reducing the conflicts within communities.

Troy’s book I’m Not Your Enemy, which can be purchased from his online shop (https://us-gcp.com/shop/), is a culmination of years of observations, experiences, insights, and hard work. His perspective addresses the prevalent toxic ideals promoting discord and their negative impact on the social well-being and development of the people. He strongly believes that emancipation and the fight against racism can only be successful when Black and Brown communities within America choose a more empathetic approach towards each other. He places importance on the need for non-violent methods for conflict resolution and explores several tools through which this can be achieved.

Troy J. Walker is a hardworking man with a deep passion for helping people and leading them towards a better future. He is self-educated and has read diverse literature throughout his life to expand his knowledge and exposure. However, reading Malcolm X’s biography created a spark within him, an urge to be the change he wanted to see. He has since used his influence to propagate the message of peace within communities. He guides vulnerable people who have to live their entire lives under the trauma of systematic racism. He hopes to use his book and platform to bring people closer to their roots and unite under the umbrella of hope.

I’m Not Your Enemy offers a poignant, chilling, and heartbreaking perspective on reality. It is a must-read, and we urge you to buy it from the online store mentioned above to get a deeper understanding of the issue. Meanwhile, Troy continues to actively campaign against racism and offers support to victims through counseling, advice, or advocacy.

About the author
Troy J. Walker is an activist, poet, and entrepreneur. He is self-taught and actively campaigns against institutionalized and systematic racism. He campaigns for equal opportunities and non-violence and counsels people of color so they can benefit from growth and development.

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