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Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Young Black Author Publishes Action-Adventure Novel, “Rebel Rules,” About the Current Social Justice Uprising

Troy Oglesby, Jr.

Nationwide — With a global pandemic and a social justice revolution underway, we are living in an era where truth is stranger than fiction. Inspired by the country’s current events, 19-year old screenwriter Troy Oglesby Jr. has developed an action-packed tale of the times entitled Rebel Rules. The thrilling novel is a real-time fictional depiction of our transforming reality. As our world shifts, so much human history is developing from many aspects of life. It is important that we dictate these stories to capture the essence of our current affairs and recreate them for future Americans to consume.

The main character in Rebel Rules is a young army vet named Nick who faces several layers of internal conflict. His upbringing in the inner city prepared him for the tragedy of war but nothing could prepare him to lose a close friend in battle. When Nick returns home, he begins to live independently and he is triggered by an act of injustice which was the catalyst for his protest. As events spiral, Nick collides with a powerhouse group of characters with one goal in mind, a government heist. Each character shares a special skill set setting the story line up for a whirlwind of adventure.

As the story builds the complexity of the characters displays Troy’s versatility and advanced comprehension of storytelling. He develops each character meticulously ensuring depth while showcasing his deep comprehension of character development. Troy is an author and a poet who believes it’s important to share specific stories. “Movies just aren’t authentic these days,” said Troy as he reflected on the lack of content that matters. He inspires to lift up the voices of the unheard.

Rebel Rules is currently available on Amazon.

For press inquiries, contact oglesbytroy@gmail.com