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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Founders of First Major Black-Owned Eco-Friendly Laundry Detergent Company Finding Huge Success

— The Atlanta-based company just relaunched their web site, TheTrueProducts.com, with a cleaner, more user-friendly design, and unique subscription & e-commerce capabilities. —

Founders of True Products Laundry Detergent

Abdur Rahim Shaheed, Malik Saleem, and Ali B. Muhammad; the three co-founders of True Products LLC, which produces ‘True Detergent’

Atlanta, GA — True Products LLC, the makers of ‘True Detergent’, one of the most effective eco-friendly laundry detergents available on the market, are announcing the launch of their new, redesigned company website located at www.thetrueproducts.com. Key features of the site include a cleaner and more attractive design and a more engaging user experience with straightforward site navigation. True Products are now not limited for sale on the amazon site only but also on the new website which offers the capability to sell directly to consumers where more product options are available for selection.

The new website also includes valuable information to help customers understand the formula and the benefits of the products. Worthy of mention is the new subscription feature that will allow customers to “Subscribe & Save!” They can choose whether they want to have the product automatically shipped to them every two, four, or six weeks.

Regarding why a rebranded web site was needed to appeal to a more diverse global consumer demography; Abdur Rahim Shaheed, co-Founder of the company, says, “Our greatest communal strength is in our diversity. We must unify despite our differences to achieve our goal of attaining financial dignity for this generation and the next.”

With a community and product development focus in mind, Malik Saleem, co-founder also added, “We would like to make True detergent one of the best known detergents in the world while creating job opportunities for our community.”

The third of the founding trio, Ali B. Muhammad, states, “We want to make a difference in our community, this is why we are putting in the energy and the time to leave a legacy.”

The new website’s refreshing and simple appearance, combined with easy to browse, high quality product line, improved search functionality, and optimization for mobile devices allows consumers to better connect with the brand and enjoy the ‘True Products’ experience. Social media links are also available throughout the website to provide the opportunity to give feedback and foster communication. Customers can also subscribe to the email list to get informed about promotional sales, sweepstakes and discounts. To view the new website and shop the products, visit www.thetrueproducts.com

Opportunities for Vendors and Distributors:
There are also career/ business opportunities available on the site for vendors or distributors. Interested individuals or retailers can email distro@thetrueproducts.com.


About the Laundry Company
Founded by entrepreneurial partners and established in November of 2012, True Products, LLC, is a startup manufacturing and distribution company that specializes in household cleaning products. True Products has over 20 distributors and currently does business in 50 states throughout the region. True Products has positioned itself as an international, premier provider of household cleaning products, utilizing a unique approach to providing affordable, quality products and excellent customer services for online sales, retail establishments, business-to-business, government.

‘True Detergent’ is one of the most effective laundry detergents available on the market. ‘True Detergent’ is 4x concentrated and allows consumers to use less detergent. It is void of any caustic ingredients and animal essences thus making it a truly safe detergent for all types of machines and fabrics and also safe for the whole family. Powerful and economical, it has more cleaning power leading to tremendous savings with results of 17 cent per load. True Products, LLC is an American based Limited Liability Corporation with offices in Atlanta, Georgia. For more details, visit www.thetrueproducts.com

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Abdur, Malik, Ali