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Monday, June 25, 2018

Twin Brothers Graduate as Valedictorians and Receive Full Scholarships to MIT

18-year old twin brothers Malik and Miles George
18-year old twin brothers Malik and Miles George

Woodbridge, NJ — 18-year old twin brothers Malik and Miles George both have recently graduated as valedictorians from Woodbridge High School in New Jersey. Now, they are both headed to the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) where they were awarded full scholarship.

Having straight-A grades and almost perfect SAT scores, what Malik and Miles achieved didn’t really come unexpectedly. The twins, who were born 11 minutes apart, were also tennis partners and they both love science research.

The brothers graduated as valedictorians last week from Woodbridge High School in New Jersey. All in all, five schools accepted them with full scholarship but they both chose their dream school, Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Both of them are very grateful for their parents who guided them and motivated them to reach their dreams.

“Seeing them always doing their best to care for us has definitely made a good imprint on us,” Malik told ABC News. “Whether it’s academics, athletics, some form of art, whatever passion someone has, my best advice would be just to explore it and do your best, and the success will come.”

They also believe that being really immersed in their academics is what led them to success.

“We worked hard,” Miles said. “Every course, studying, paying attention, asking questions. That’s one of the most important things, being an active student in our own education. Because that’s what the teachers are there for, you know?”

Watch their interview below:

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