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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Two Legends Unite Forming a New Hip Hop Duo Known Collectively as the “White Crows”

White Crows

Nationwide — For many years, true Hip Hop heads from coast to coast and worldwide have been asking: “What’s happened to our music?” The original Hip Hop aesthetic has given way to auto-­tuned banality and clichéd lyrics. But one duo is planning on changing things. They are Mista Lawnge and Ras Kass, known collectively as The White Crows. West Coast rapper and lyricist Ras Kass and East Coast producer Mista Lawnge (once of legendary Hip Hop group Black Sheep) want to bring back the true essence and spirit of Hip Hop. They want to mix true lyrical talent with an original sampling skill and, most importantly, do it with style and a smile.

As The White Crows, their first three cuts have already been generating heat and got the Hip Hop community talking about the most exciting act to come along in many years. DJs from London, Japan, Canada and Australia, as well as from all over the US, have been spinning the tunes already, while they have been more than warmly received by fans and critics from coast to coast. In February, The Crows released their incendiary first single, ‘Kick Rocks’, a reworking of The Police’s classic ‘Roxanne’ with razor sharp lyrics from Ras Kass over some of Mista Lawnge’s infectiously choppy, funky beats. The tune shot into the Hip Hop top 5 and announced The White Crows to an expectant public.

And this month, the dynamic duo has followed up with a pair of cuts that will have headphones and dance floors alike blowing up across the nation.

‘Something R.E.A.L’ is a lyric­ driven track with Ras Kass’ inimitable flow backed by a sampled chorus courtesy of Boy George and the Culture Club. ‘Far From Good’ meanwhile is the misleading title of the flip side of that record. This is a track that has DJs buzzing. Its music that no­ less of an authority than Hip Hop Bible which The Source describes as “Ambrosia for Heads”. You don’t get better recommendations than that!

But these tunes are just the start for the group. There is an album in the works. The release date has yet to be announced, but the hip hop nation can’t wait. After all this time, a true successor to the spirit of Tribe, Rakim and the Wu has arrived. Its name is The White Crows.

To Listen to The White Crows Music, please visit their Web site at www.thewhitecrowsproject.com or Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/WhyteCrowz

William McLean

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