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Monday, January 14, 2019

Uber Driver Fired For Racist Rant Caught on Video — And the Black Woman He Insulted Gets Suspended!

Racist Uber driver in Iowa caught on camera

Davenport, IA — Kiara White, a Black woman from Iowa, filmed a confrontation between her and a white Uber driver who kept hurling racist insults at her when she called out his poor driving. Uber reportedly fired the driver and also suspended the woman’s Uber account.

The argument started allegedly when the driver, identified only as “Timothy,” couldn’t properly read the GPS map and went on the wrong direction on a one-way street twice. Things escalated when Timothy began calling her “a whore who sold drugs” just like “all Black people.” White then decided to record a video of the incident.

The initial banter wasn’t recorded but the five-minute video shows the Uber driver making monkey noises, mocking White, and calling her a b—- and the n-word several times.

“Now get outta my f—–g car and go suck on some god damn rib bones,” Timothy can be heard saying on the video. “Get out of my car you loud-mouthed, no good (inaudible)…”

White also responded, telling Timothy that “you’re the most racist driver” and said that she was recording a video. She then continued, “He’s talking about me but he drives… people for a living. That’s some slave s—. He’s working for me right now, getting my money like a b—-.”

They continued to argue. Timothy insisted that White should get out of his car but White said she’d call the cops if he won’t complete her trip. The Uber driver did not pull over and still dropped her off at her intended destination.

White posted the video on Facebook and already gathered over 30,000 views. She also included a screenshot of the Uber driver’s account which shows that he’d been driving for the company for just 22 days when the argument happened on Sunday. Clients gave him a score of 4.82 out of 5 stars.

She also said in her post that she filed a complaint with the company after the incident but they had her account suspended. Uber has also confirmed that they fired the driver.

Uber released a statement regarding the incident that says, “This behavior is appalling and it has no place on the Uber app or anywhere. Uber does not tolerate any form of discrimination and as soon we learned of this report, we removed this driver’s access to the app.”

Watch the raw footage below:

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