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Wednesday, February 22, 2023

Single Black Dad Battling Depression Launches Podcast, Clothing Line Promoting Self-Love

Umar Clark

Nationwide — Umar Clark, an entrepreneur who also happens to be a single Black father, has created a podcast, clothing line, and online platform to help people suffering from depression and to promote self-love. He calls it the I Love Myself movement.

Umar, who is based in Georgia, says that he established the movement after realizing how many people suffer from depression and a lack of self-love.

He comments, “I was at my lowest, but it was only at my lowest point did I notice that my only way out was to love myself. I traveled all over the country, and I realized that I wasn’t the only person suffering from this. This realization birthed what I now call the ‘I Love Myself’ movement.”

As of now, “I Love Myself” has its own podcast, clothing line, and beverages and has recently even launched its own blockchain and cryptocurrency.

When asked about this, Umar commented, “Love doesn’t cost a thing, but I believe that people should be paid to love. This is why we decided to launch our own cryptocurrency that everyone can benefit from. This is the movement. This is I love myself.”

For more details about the movement, visit www.ilovemyself.io

Also, be sure to follow the movement on social media at @ilovemyselfpodcast

For press inquiries, contact info@ilovemyself.io