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Tuesday, July 19, 2022

Black Entrepreneur Takes Hair Care Industry By Storm, Launches All-Natural Wave Pomade With Organic Ingredients

Umar Clark, founder of Sheesh 360

Nationwide — Meet Umar Clark, the founder and CEO of Sheesh 360, an all-natural wave pomade brand that everyone in the hair wave community is talking about. His 100% organic product is made from beeswax, jojoba oil, shea butter, water, coconut oil, and argan oil.

After being a waver for many years, Umar begin to notice the bald spots in his hair as a result of the chemical-laced wave pomades that he was using. This inspired him to create his own chemical-free product and after a month, he began to get reactions from people using words like “Sheesh!” Hence, the name of his company.

Now Sheesh 360 is one of the fastest-growing Black-owned brands of all-natural pomade that is made from organic ingredients.

Right now, the brand is running a special offer for their bundle which includes all the essentials that every waver needs (A brush, a pomade, a water bottle, and a durag.)

For more details, visit Sheesh360.com or follow the brand on Instagram @Sheesh360_

For press inquiries, contact info@sheesh360.com