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Wednesday, January 27, 2021

New App Empowers Users With Access to 45 Black-Owned, Community-Based Radio Stations

Umoja Empowered Radio app

Nationwide — A new unapologetic platform for empowerment through media, podcasts, and radio stations has been launched on Google Play and the App Store. It’s called Umoja Radio App, and it’s a joint effort created by the owners of five Black-owned radio stations – WUVS 103.7, WHPB 98.5, WUGM 106.1, WVBH 105.3, and WQID 105.3. The platform represents the latest chapter of excellence in Black media.

According to the creators of Umoja Radio App, iHeartRadio refused to allow their stations on its platform, so they decided to create their own. Unlike other media apps, the development of this app embodies African liberation from the limitation of traditional media, traditional media platforms, and traditional gatekeepers. Umoja stands for “unity,” and through this platform, they strive to maintain unity in the family, community, nation, and the human race.

Generations ago, Black people were beholden to the lackluster representation provided to us by media companies, with no incentive or care to allow our voices into the room. Following the theme of liberation from limitations; uncensored podcasts and digital streaming platforms have largely overtaken spaces previously dominated by traditionally radio, record labels, and television. Now there is an opportunity to fill a void with Umoja Radio App and provide content with inclusion. Black content creators not only steer popular culture, but can now do it from independent platforms, and in spaces, that are owned by the Black community.

All in all, Umoja Radio App features over 45 independent Black-owned community-based radio station with a mission of Black empowerment. This unique approach has been designed to meet significant public demand for an urban outlet with engaging, educational, entertaining content, whereas other platforms lack diversity and inclusion.

“It comes at a time when society demands more inclusive content and we have the potential to deliver that and so much more,” the founders say. “Our mission is to grow into the world’s largest collective of unapologetically conscious media, podcasts, and syndicated radio stations. We hope you are able to join us on this wonderful and revolutionary journey.”

Submit your podcast to info@umojaradioapp.com. Users can download Umoja Radio App from Google Play, the iOS App Store, or by visiting UmojaRadioApp.com today!

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