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Monday, June 30, 2014

Unbeweavable! New Program Empowers African American Women (and Men) Financially in the $10 Billion Hair Weave Industry

— Start your own hair business today, selling high-end hair at an affordable price —

House of Beautiful Hair Weaves

Nationwide — There is a new, unique and very profitable black owned company named, The House Of Beautiful Hair, that is taking control of the $10 billion dollar hair weave industry that was once closed to African Americans. The company is creating financial stability for African American women and men – from business owners, stay-at-home moms, employed workers and even high school students – who wear hair weaves and have friends who wear hair extensions.

Sales of the company’s top of the line virgin remy hair has been beyond tremendous due to the independent business owners within the parent company that are moving the hair product throughout the country and earning modest to big incomes either in a part-time or full-time capacity. All of this without buying and stocking any inventory.

According to Raven L. Mahdee, an independent business owner with the company, people are earning enough money to help pay their rent/mortgages, car notes, health bills and all other bills that had been a financial strain on their family budgets.

Besides the generous incomes, African American women are strongly drawn to the business model because of the simplicity and the desire to no longer be just consumers in a market which they created, but have been 95% consumers. Until Now!

In speaking with company leaders, a conscious decision was made to make the investment of $9.97 a month to be an independent business owner. This allows people – from small to large economic means – to have a legitimate opportunity to tap hard into this multi-billion dollar industry which continues to spiral upwards.

Due to the popularity of the company, one New York based production company that produces reality shows for Bravo, Lifetime and the History channels, has contacted The House of Beautiful Hair founders about a possible series of episodes documenting the company’s success.

For more information on the company, contact Raven L. Mahdee at (661) 472-9559 or go directly to www.xtasyhair.com and sign-in for a free tour of The House Of Beautiful Hair.

Raven L.Mahdee

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