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Monday, August 8, 2016

Unique Program Helps Disadvantaged African Americans Reduce Their Bills Significantly During Economic Hardship

Tiffany Glasper-Polk

Tiffany Glasper-Polk, CEO of My New Beginning Health, Wealth, and Wellness

Nationwide — Tiffany Glasper-Polk is the CEO of My New Beginning Health, Wealth, and Wellness. She is a global leader expanding locally and globally, and she is committed to helping others live a better life. She helps by bringing opportunities to others that needs help with economic growth and development due to economic hardship. Tiffany has 5 key principles that guides her when it comes to helping others vision, opportunity, success, freedom and integrity. She strives to give hope to individuals that have lost hope.

Tiffany can speak from personal experience on losing hope. She was once married with 2 kids and working as a nurse, but one day she found herself single, unemployed, on food stamps, almost homeless and only $997 coming in monthly from child support. She had to find a way to survive off $997 monthly, but even that wasn’t guaranteed or enough to pay her bills. She says although she was ashamed at first of being on food stamps she now realizes how grateful she was because they were a life saver and she was able to provide a decent meal for her kids to eat. Tiffany states she later became resourceful and found an innovative way to earn an income in order to provide for her kids. She began looking into other resources that she later found to be very beneficial to not only her but realized they can be beneficial to others as well. She states she had to do something because being homeless was not an option. Once she found her way, she became very visionary and started thinking of how she can use her new found resources to help others as well. She states that a close friend once told her that her passion will make provision for her purpose. Tiffany says she has dedicated herself to educating and helping others and she is very passionate about it.

Her mission is to educate, empower, and re-employ the African American community on how to live a better life during these hard economic times by showing them how to save money and or make money on essential products and services that they use every month. She says it’s as simple as 123 because she shows you how to make the system work for you. She says every month your bills come in (i.e. internet, cable, satellite, electric, gas, etc.) she can help you reduce them. We are all aware these bills can never be paid off but we know we need the services which makes them essential in our everyday life. She says when the bills come in monthly she can show you how to make an income come in along with them. She also works with business owners and shows them how she can help bring more revenue into their business. She also helps businesses get alternative funding when they are turned down by the bank. She says 3 minimum requirements is all that they need to start the process 6 months or longer in business, minimum credit score of 500, and 10,000 in revenue monthly. She also helps anyone that needs help starting a business. She also found a way to help bring more funds into the churches, schools and nonprofit organizations on a monthly basis. She also shows individuals that are looking to purchase a home get a 3 ½ % down payment. Tiffany says healthcare is a big issue and she can help many in that department to get affordable health insurance or health insurance alternatives that would allow everyone to reduce the cost of their healthcare expenses.

She says this can help the African American community because it will help to lead many to a life of financial freedom, and also have a significant decline in the poverty rate. It’s clear that many of us were born poor but that doesn’t mean we have to die poor. Not to mention you have so many African Americans that are truly struggling Tiffany pointed out. She says she doesn’t mind helping her fellow man because this is her passion. “There are several looking for help and I seem to think I have the solution and answer,” she says.

For more details about the program, visit www.mynewbeginning.info or call (225) 209-8128


Tiffany Glasper-Polk