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Thursday, October 29, 2020

USPTO Patent Filed For Dreadlocking Sea Salt Hair Spray Made With Pure Ocean Water

Lavish Ocean, Black-owned dreadlocking hair spray

NationwideLavish Ocean LLC, a Black-owned company headquartered in Oceanside, CA, makes all-natural hair spray and hair & body oils. Included in their offerings is a niche hair care line created specifically for dreadlocks and natural hair. The top-selling product is an all-natural sea salt hair spray made with pure ocean water, tea tree, rosemary, and other quintessential oils.

The new brand is gaining popularity with customers raving how the ocean water hair spray helps with everything from new budding locs to maintaining mature locs when styling or refreshing after workouts.

The utility patent on this highly unique item makes Lavish Ocean the first to market using pure ocean water in hair care. The inception of the product occurred as the company sought to find a way to use all-natural ingredients for dreadlock maintenance that would not cause heavy build-up like waxes, creams, or gels.

This and other products can be found on the company’s website at LavishOcean.com and they are also available on Amazon Prime.

For press inquiries, contact Lavish Ocean LLC at products@lavishocean.com