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Monday, December 4, 2017

Two African American Entrepreneur Sisters Launch Online Platform That Makes Healthcare Less Complicated and Easier to Understand

— The Valmon sisters’ exceptional venture of combining healthcare information with an online social media platform enables a diverse population to access medical information, and connect with the right people and professionals. —

Valmon Sisters

Valmon Sisters, co-founders of Healthguv.com

Ocean County, NJ — Connecting millions of people globally to come together and improve the way they learn and share information related to health and medicine, Healthguv.com is driving better health decisions through technology. A brainchild of Gabrielle and Camille Valmon, and their cousin Joseph Creadle, the Healthguv website has revolutionized the way people gain understanding of numerous health-related subjects. The Valmon sisters want to change the gender gap when it comes to women in tech, especially women of color. Although women make up a substantial part of the overall workplace in organizations today, they still represent a small percentage in the tech industry.

As of now, there are thousands of people browsing the internet, sifting through page after page looking for specific results, only to end up with irrelevant or incomplete information. It was this very problematic process of picking out the right information from pools of online data that encouraged Gabrielle and Camille to come up with the idea of Healthguv, an idea that would make it possible for people worldwide to precisely find any and all healthcare information they need without getting lost. Not only are people able to find what they are looking for, they are able to connect with people with similar health related information and make friends while doing so.

The website is rich with articles, blogs, discussions and visual data about various healthcare topics, anywhere from trends in healthy living to medical conditions.

“Our unique venture allows people all over the world to come together, not just to find information, but to connect and discuss healthcare,” said Gabrielle, co-creator of Healthguv. “Camille and I have experienced just how frustrating it is for people, especially women, to get in touch with healthcare information on the internet. We want our users to have health-related content, as well as latest reviews on medical professionals and facilities, at their fingertips.”

The Valmon sisters have an extensive background in business and medicine. Incorporating their expertise into a website that encompasses both informational and social-media-like features, they have enabled not only people, but also healthcare companies to take part in spreading medical knowledge.

The Valmon sisters have enabled users faced with difficult healthcare situations to find numerous solutions.

Connecting healthcare businesses to healthcare consumers is the other part of the Valmon sisters’ technology-plus-healthcare approach. Pharmaceutical companies can reach Healthguv’s users to promote their brands, connect with potential patients for clinical trials, and relay information about advancements in medicine.

Continuing where Gabrielle left off, Camille Valmon explained, “Drug companies spend billions over marketing alone, the returns of which are substantially less. No longer will their marketers and medical professionals have to scour clinic and hospital waiting rooms to put up posters and supply brochures. With Healthguv, the process of reaching the right audiences is made simple. All businesses need to do now is visit Healthguv, and directly connect prospects, customers and patients all around the world.”

Users of Healthguv can share images, videos and blogs, interact with other people’s shared content, and read articles of health interest. The website also allows registered users to create a network on their homepage, as well as chat privately with other people to discuss health- related matters.


About Healthguv(TM)
Designed to be flexible and easy-to-use for a global online population interested in all things health and medicine, HealthguvTM is a website for healthcare information. Healthguv was originated through the innovational expertise of sisters Gabrielle and Camille Valmon, and Joseph Creadle. The website also allows healthcare companies to connect with users.

For more details, visit www.healthguv.com