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Monday, November 21, 2022

Author Honors Her Late Mom in Self-Narrated Audiobook, “Her Last Breath,” Which Features Her Mother’s Voice Singing

Her Last Breath by Veda Williams

Nationwide — Self-published author, Veda Williams, celebrates her 60th birthday by releasing her first ebook and audiobook dedicated to her mother Ruth C. Baker. Williams captures the attention of listeners as she releases her work entitled Her Last Breath which creatively features the voice of her mother singing.

This body of work, published June 26, 2022, on the 16th anniversary of the passing of her mother Ruth C. Baker, affectionately known as “Meema”, captures a beautiful moment, between mother and daughter caught by recording at 4 a.m. The sweet and fragile voice of Meema singing and the laughter between the two of them at the end is simply breathtaking and heartwarming, bringing most listeners to tears. Such a beautifully tender moment between mother and daughter caught during the process of dying.

Williams, to not miss or forget one precious moment with her mother, journaled her journey with Meema which resulted in this work, Her Last Breath. Williams recounted adamantly stating, “As long as there is a toenail left alive to take care of then I am not leaving her side.” She was true to her word resulting in her ability to capture and record precious moments and be present when Meema took her last breath. In a recent interview, Williams recounted returning to her mother’s home the morning after she passed, “everything had been cleared away, the hospital bed, the medications, nothing was left, there was no toenail alive to take care of,” stated Williams. She recounted that as she turned to leave the room, she caught a glimpse of something in the corner, it was Meema’s wig, Williams says she rushed over to the wig, snatched it up, and clinched it tight to her chest as she sobbed uncontrollably at the only thing she had left. “I was totally and completely in love with my mom,” Williams stated.

Williams says, “I know this might sound strange, but there can be joy in dying”. My brothers and I loved her too much to allow her to be sad while she remained on earth, so we showered her with all the love, filled her home with laughter, and created special moments by rolling her hospital bed into the backyard where she would sleep while her grandchildren played in the pool. Oftentimes we would stay outside all night long and sleep under the stars, Meema in her hospital bed and me on the hammock or swing. We were determined that all her needs would be met and that her home would be filled with joy, laughter, family, and good times until she took her last breath.

Williams’ message is that even in death, you can create memorable experiences that will take the place of the pain and leave you with beautiful memories. Williams considers her final moments with Meema a gift that she gets to open over and over to remind her of the good times and the love. “If at all possible, find something about the experience that you can hold on to and that will bring you joy and give you peace.” It can be difficult but be willing to see the gifts that are left along the way.

Ruth C. Baker, Meema lived her life the same way she took her last breath, praising God. “When it is my time”, Williams says, “I pray I leave my loved one’s beautiful memories and priceless spiritual gifts to carry them through in place of the pain. That is my desire for everyone, to find a peaceful way to experience the inevitable loss that life will throw our way”.

Her Last Breath can be found in audio at Audible.com, iTunes, and Amazon.

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