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Monday, January 19, 2015

New Flexercise Training Method Helping African Americans Reduce High Blood Pressure and Diabetes

— Fitness expert, Vernon R. Henry, says, “The body is created to move!” —

Vernon R. Henry, creator of the Flexercise Training Method

Vernon R. Henry, creator of the Flexercise Training Method

Cypress, TX — Long time African-American fitness professional, Vernon R. Henry, M.Ed. and the creator of the Flexercise Training Method is an advocate of fitness and health in America, with a special interest in the African American, Latino and Samoan communities. Vernon has just launched his new web page www.flexercise.org to focus on fitness and health education information and exercises that are designed for the mature adult person of color, ages 35 years and older.

Vernon’s message is basic and simple: “The body is created to move.” He believes that when we stop moving the body, it begins to move in the direction of Dis-ease. Diseases like diabetes, hypertension, and high cholesterol, just to name a few. All three of these diseases are highest among African Americans, Latinas, and Samoans. But the good news is that, according to Vernon, “all three diseases are reversible.”

Vernon is working to be a part of the solution, instead of the problem, by making himself available for lectures, educational forums and seminars for people of color. His web site, Flexercise.org, is also designed with this purpose in mind.

The Flexercise Training method is completed with proper breathing techniques, prayer and meditation designed to reduce stress and get in touch with our spiritual side.

Vernon holds his B.A. in Physical Education from California State University, Long Beach and his Masters, from Azusa Pacific University. Currently, he teaches in the Kinesiology Department at Lone Star College, in Cypress Texas, and is President of CIJH, LLC, the parent company of “The Flexercise Training and Certifications Method”.

To book Vernon for your next conference, please e-mail him at v.henry@flexercise.net or go to www.flexercise.org for more information.

Vernon R. Henry