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Monday, August 18, 2014

Top 5 Videos From People Who WITNESSED the Brutal Police Killing of Unarmed Teen Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri

Witness in Michael Brown Shooting

Dorian Johnson, friend of Michael Brown who witnessed his shooting

Ferguson, MO — Several witnesses have come forth about the killing of unarmed 18-year old Michael Brown in a St. Louis suburb, but they seem to be getting very little attention from the media.

Although their accounts do seem to vary slightly (which is very normal in a crime scene investigation), all seem to overall be saying the same thing – that Brown was harassed and then murdered in cold blood by Officer Darren Wilson.

Several of the videos below are actual eyewitness accounts, and others are accounts given by people who visited the scene just after the shooting occurred. One video actually shows Brown’s body still laying in the street, as the community starts to react.

#1 – Dorian Johnson, Friend Who Was Walking With Michael Brown at the Time of the Shooting

#2 – Eyewitness Who Videotaped Brown’s Body in the Street

#3 – Dorian Johnson, Friend of Brown, Talks Again About What Happened/b>

#4 – Witness Tiffany Mitchell Explains What She Saw

#5 – Another Unnamed Witness Gives His Account