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Thursday, December 15, 2022

Meet the Black Teen Who Builds Planes and Drones From Local Materials

Vidiol Tsague

Nationwide — Vidiol Tsague, an 18-year-old Black teen from Cameroon, has been gaining attention for his videos that show him flying planes and drones that he builds using only local materials.

For nearly 8 years, he has been working on designing and creating an airplane prototype. He collects cardboard, cartons, wires, and other local materials that he can use in making it.

In most videos that he posts on his TikTok account, he can be seen flying drones and planes that are about 2 meters long along the streets. He uses a remote control to pilot the plane and make it fly a few feet away and then back again to a safe landing. His videos are now viral, with some having millions of views.

Vidiol, who had to drop out of secondary school 3 years ago due to the armed conflict between two regions in the country, said he wishes to study engineering and learn how to make real airplanes that humans ride to fly long distances.

With his exceptional skills, he has won the hearts of many, including organizations and government officials that showed interest in him. He recently received scholarship offers and support to continue his studies and pursue his dream of becoming an engineer.