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Monday, August 1, 2016

Former Abuse Victim Says, “Healing From Trauma Never Felt This Good!” — Releases New E-Book To Help Others

Vie Cine

Vie Ciné, author of “Memoirs of a Forgotten Child”

Nationwide — Vie Ciné is a survivor’s empowerment advocate, and she makes it her business to discuss taboo topics such as sexual abuse. She is new to the literary world with her first self-published book entitled Memoirs of a Forgotten Child available now on Amazon.com. Her journey began towards the end of her Bachelors of Arts Psychology program at Cambridge College while interning for The Home For Little Wanderers.

After graduating, Vie branched into the non-profit field for employment. As a case manager at ABCD Head Start, she managed disadvantaged families led by women from different cultural backgrounds. During this period, Vie decided to write about her life, which included her story of abuse. As she became comfortable with saying, “I’m writing a book about my life and molestation” without the fear of judgment by others, this encouraged many women to confide in her about their stories of abuse. These constant run-ins where she met victims across racial, economic, and generational lines confirmed to Vie that her story must be told to encourage victims to also tell their story. She created the hashtag #readtoheal for this particular reason.

Vie’s purpose is to break down the walls of shame, guilt, and fear stemming from childhood abuse. “Survivorship can be achieved but you must confront the past, heal from trauma, and this all starts by speaking your truth!” In January 2015, Memoirs of a Forgotten Child was born from five notebooks filled with back to back vivid details about her childhood. Memoirs of a Forgotten Child is centered around childhood abuse. Growing up in a Haitian-American household reined by her Haitian single mother, Vie Ciné battled sexual abuse, physical abuse, verbal abuse, and emotional abuse. As with many victims, she felt ashamed, fearful, and guilty to verbalize the taboo abuses but found outlets to strive while hiding these horrendous acts. Her story is one of many stories that go on behind the closed doors of picturesque families. Many adult victims live healthy lives yet are scared to speak their truth due to many factors, but the main one, brokenness. As Vie says, “When you’re a survivor, you can tell who’s a victim, it’s like a radar. You can just tell.”

Often we hear stories about people who’ve been abused or gone through traumatic events, but we mostly focus on life before trauma and life after trauma. The middle where most of the lessons brewed, we skim over. This middle section is where Vie Ciné explored thoroughly because of how it affects the development of a child, and there’s no better narrator than in the first person. Vie speaking as if she is experiencing the abuses as the reader turns the pages is necessary because it gives the reader a chance to see trauma from a child’s perspective. These events will ultimately shape Vie and set the stepping stones for how she saw herself in a world that was organized as prey or predator. Putting pen to paper to illustrate a journey towards healing, survivorship, and purpose is the ultimate message.

Discussing uncomfortable subjects like child sexual abuse makes it possible to bridge the gap of understanding in addition to creating methods to keeping our children safe. As Vie says, “It’s imperative that these acts of wrongdoing do not continue unchecked for it’s our children who pay the highest cost.”

Memoirs of a Forgotten Child by Vie Ciné can be purchased now on Amazon.com at www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B01IFSFDY6?pc_redir=T1

Connect with her on social media:

Vie Ciné can be found on Facebook at www.facebook.com/memoirsofaforgottenchild and on Twitter at www.twitter.com/vie_is_me.

On her Instagram account (@vieis_me), she has free excerpts from Memoirs of a Forgotten Child that she posts daily until August 1st. Also, her YouTube channel (VIEIS_ME) is a platform that she uses to discusses sexual trauma and mental health. Her second YouTube channel (Vie Ciné) is a platform she utilizes to speak about the Black experience. Her website www.vieisme.com is where she blogs and vlogs; She also has a free ebook there available for download entitled Straight From The Dome.


Vie Ciné