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Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Founder’s New App Aims to Showcase 1 Million Local Black-Owned Brands and Businesses

Vincent Johnson’s XCLUSIT app is the only app of its kind that allows Black entrepreneurs to showcase their entire store on its platform.

Vincent Johnson

Nationwide — Meet Vincent Johnson, Founder and CEO of XCLUSIT, a unique app that provides a unique space designed to showcase the remarkable diversity within the Black-owned business community. The platform allows entrepreneurs to showcase their entire store, and even post Instagram-style videos but with less clutter and more shopping. It has everything from trendy streetwear and stylish kicks to sophisticated boutiques, grooming essentials, and accessories. And that’s not all – it will also expand into food and services in 2024.

Vincent comments, “At XCLUSIT, we’re dedicated to equipping Black businesses with the necessary tools to thrive in this new era. Not only do we cater to entrepreneurs, but the app is also a cultural haven for Black consumers.” He adds, “We curate a diverse range of premier brands, stores, and up-and-coming Black entrepreneurs, presenting the vibrant tapestry of Black-owned business culture.”

Johnson’s inspiring journey from Divinity studies at Vanderbilt University to being part of acclaimed accelerators brings a unique perspective to XCLUSIT. His vision is to equip Black businesses with the necessary tools to thrive in this new era while providing a cultural haven for Black consumers.

“What I like about the app is the access to new product releases and offers from brands and stores I support, as well as finding new businesses not only in my city but other cities,” says Jontae Hall, a customer who uses the platform.

With its exclusive features, XCLUSIT allows Black consumers to enjoy a personalized shopping experience. They can effortlessly follow their favorite Black-owned businesses, discover new ones to support, and access promotions and offers tailored just for them. Through the platform, Black business owners can build their profiles, advertise their stores on followers’ timelines, and engage with potential customers through video reels and product galleries. A new chat feature is arriving in 2024.

Take it from Candice Hebron, owner of Nail Candi, who shared her excitement about how the app boosted her company sales and expanded her customer base to include patrons who would have never discovered her kiosk in Columbia Mall, Maryland. She comments, “While each initiative of my business is new and exciting, XCLUSIT has been the most rewarding in boosting sales for my small business. My demographic range has expanded to include patrons who would’ve never found my kiosk.”

So whether you’re seeking quality products, looking to support the incredible talent within the Black community, or want a personalized shopping experience, XCLUSIT is the perfect platform.

The app is available for download via the iOS App Store at: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/xclusit/id1603494882

Also, be sure to follow the app on social media on Instagram (@xclusit) and Facebook (@xclusit)

For press and business inquiries, contact vincent.johnson@xclusit.com or 202-809-9367.