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Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Maryland Teacher Who Assaulted Student Released After 3 Days in Jail

Vivian Noirie, Maryland teacher arrested for assaulting student

Prince George County, MD — Vivian Noirie, a 36-year old public school teacher from Maryland, was recently arrested for charges of physical child abuse and second-degree assault after being involved in a fight with a student that was captured on video. But she was released three days later.

According to investigators, a 17-year old female student approached Noirie and things escalated quickly. The student was apparently upset with Noirie because the teacher contacted her parents the night before.

In a now-viral video of the incident, the student can be seen stepping on the teacher’s foot and bumping into her with her shoulder, which she also admitted later on. The teacher then fought back and repeatedly hit the student before other school employees stepped in and separated them.

Even though they were separated, the student went on to grab the teacher from behind and hit her multiple times. School employees separated them again.

Noirie, who was said to has been assaulted by students at the high school at least 3 times this semester, spent 3 days in jail after she was arrested. She was ordered to be released pending trial.

Meanwhile, police did not release further details about the student seen on the video because she is a juvenile.