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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Waitress at Waffle House Awarded $16K Scholarship After Her Act of Kindness Was Caught on Camera

Evoni Williams, a waitress of Waffle House, who was rewarded for her act of kindness

Evoni Williams, a waitress at Waffle House, who was rewarded for her act of kindness

La Marque, TX — Waitress Evoni Williams was working as usual at the Waffle House to save up for college. And when an older customer needed help cutting his food, she gladly did so. Little did she know that her small act of kindness would be noticed and would earn her a college scholarship.

“I was just like, ‘Sure! If you need help, that’s what I am here for,’ ” the 18-year-old waitress told CNN. “My cook was calling my name to pick up food I had on the board, but I continued to cut his ham.”

Adrien Charpentier, the older customer, had been recently in and out of the hospital because of pneumonia and has since been experiencing muscle weakness in his hands. “I can hold a fork fine and dandy — but to cut it looks like I’m going to stab somebody,” he said laughingly.

That is when Williams offered to help the old man to cut his food.

The simple gesture that Williams did has captured the interest of Laura Wolf, a customer across them. She took a picture of Williams helping the old man and posted it on Facebook.

“I’m thankful to have seen this act of kindness and caring at the start of my day while everything in this world seems so negative. If we could all be like this waitress & take time to offer a helping hand…” Wolf said in the caption.

The photo, which was eventually liked and shared by thousands on social media, did not only go viral, but it also got noticed by La Marque Mayor Bobby Hocking. He honored Williams by issuing a proclamation making March 8 Evoni ‘Nini’ Williams Day.

Furthermore, Williams’ story also caught the attention of Texas Southern University President Austin A. Lane. With the help of the college’s alumni, Texas Southern University awarded Williams a $16,000 scholarship.

She says she is planning to study business administration and hopes to one day open her own restaurant or beauty salon.