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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

New Websites Launched Listing All African American Events and Non-Profit Organizations

EveryBlackEvent.com snapshot

Snapshot of EveryBlackEvent.com

Durham, NC — The revised EveryBlackEvent.com website as well as the premier of the newest component to the “EveryBlack” family, the EveryBlackNonprofit.com site, have been launched by CEO Jimmy Davies of Durham, North Carolina. Both websites are available to the general public.

About EveryBlackEvent.com
The EveryBlackEvent.com website provides a comprehensive, nationwide list of events of the past, present and future that target the African American community. Past events include information about historical events such as slavery, riots, the Civil Rights movement and the election of the first African American president.

Visitors can browse current and upcoming events by city, state, and category or by a keyword. A weekly subscription of all future events is also available. EveryBlackEvent.com serves as a platform for organizations, community leaders and businesses to disseminate information about their upcoming events. If an event is free for the public to attend then it can be listed on the web site at no cost.

About EveryBlackNonprofit.com
Mr. Davies saw fit to create an entirely new and separate site listing African American nonprofit organizations. Visitors are able to browse entries or submit their own nonprofit to be listed on the site at no cost. A subscription to a monthly downloadable directory of the nonprofits is also available.

About EveryBlack Websites
The “EveryBlack” family websites were created to enhance networking within various segments of the African American community. The sites display uplifting and inspiring images of African Americans to provide a positive and moving experience for visitors while educating and providing networking opportunities.

Davies believes that there is no better time than now for African Americans to support the efforts of one another and hopes that EveryBlackEvent.com and EveryBlackNonprofit.com can serve as catalyst to better unite the African American community. He is available for speaking engagements on the subject of the role of technology in the advancements of African Americans throughout history.

For more details, visit www.EveryBlackEvent.com or www.EveryBlackNonprofit.com


Jimmy J. Davies
Office: 919-973-2761
Cell: 919-265-8045