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Monday, January 11, 2016

Wells Fargo: “Rapper Who Said He Withdrew $200K Lied… He Doesn’t Even Have an Account With Us”

Black Youngsta Getting Arrested

Atlanta, GA — Rapper Sam Benson, better known as Blac Youngsta, recently complained about being detained at gunpoint after withdrawing $200,000 from his bank account at Wells Fargo. Atlanta police have since admitted to their mistake and apologized.

But Well’s Fargo bank has since issued a statement saying that Blac Youngsta did not even have an account at the bank, and never even entered it before he was detained by police.

“Mr. Benson is not an account holder with us. He did not enter our store nor did he make any withdrawals,” Wells Fargo said in a statement, after reviewing video footage.

Another source says Benson didn’t even have $200,000 on him, and that the amount was more like $70,000 and that it came from his manager’s bank account.

Benson had been reportedly detained because of a mix-up where police thought he was another suspect they were looking for that had just committed check fraud.

He then apparently tried to capitalize on the publicity by claiming that he had just made a withdraw of $200,000, and that he was on his way to pay cash for a high-end luxury car.

“It makes me feel like I can’t be young, black, and rich,” said Benson.

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