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Monday, July 23, 2018

Master the Mindset for Sales Success with Wendy Y. Bailey’s New Book, “I Charge for That”

I Charge For That By Wendy Y. Bailey


Atlanta, GA — Master Business and Sales Coach Wendy Y. Bailey released her latest title, I Charge for That, on July 10. This business and life-changing book aims to equip entrepreneurs, speakers, coaches and consultants with the mindset shift needed to have sales conversations with confidence.

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According to a recent survey, almost 60 percent of buyers want to discuss pricing on the first sales call. Yet, when it comes time to close the deal and the topic of cost comes up, many business owners clam up.

“Selling can be a challenge for the most talented professional if they don’t have the right mindset. I Charge for That is about having a profound belief in the value you bring to the market, and knowing how to communicate it clearly,” said Bailey. “I developed this step-by-step process to address limiting beliefs head-on and help clients grow their profitability purposefully and painlessly.”

For the past 16 years, Bailey, affectionately known as WendyY, has helped thousands better position and sell their transformative services and products. For example, Bailey helped one coaching professional better communicate her service offerings, leading to a 300% increase in her client base in 45 days. Readers of I Charge for That can replicate results like these by leveraging Bailey’s strategy of mindset, emotional connection and relevance, client buying signals and sales scripting.

“In the book, I teach you how to showcase how you solve your customers’ problems in simple terms that encourage them to say yes and invest in you,” said Bailey.

Bailey breaks down tangible and easy ways readers can apply her five-step I Charge for That (TM) strategy in common sales scenarios. Whether it’s a service-based business owner, coach or speaker wanting to improve negotiation skills, Bailey’s book offers the structure and language that will create more consistent cashflow in their business.

I Charge for That is currently available for order at www.ichargeforthat.com. Readers can also make plans to meet Bailey as she embarks on a national book tour. Kicking off in Raleigh, N.C. on July 22, the tour also includes stops in Philadelphia, Detroit, New York, Houston, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles and will culminate with a grand celebration in Atlanta, Ga. For more details, visit www.ichargeforthat.com.


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