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Monday, October 29, 2018

White Teacher Tells 8-Year Old Student That “All Black People Have Big Noses”

Nassaun Jones

Nassaun Jones

Middle Island, NY — Nassaun Jones, a fourth-grade student at West Middle Island Elementary School, said his art teacher recently made a racist remark to him in class. John Johnson, the teacher, allegedly told him that “Black people have big noses.” His grandmother is demanding for the teacher to be fired.

Last Monday, Jones was in his art class doing a self-portrait activity when he had difficulty sketching his nose. He then asked for his teacher’s help but instead gave a racist comment to him.

“He drew my nose really big, and I asked him ‘Why did you draw my nose really big?’ and then he said ‘all African-Americans have big noses,'” Jones tearfully told News12.

Roberta Williams, Jones’ grandmother, was shocked when he told her what happened. When she called the school and told them about the incident, the acting principal told her she would talk to Johnson.

Williams said Johnson called her back the next day but she didn’t get any apology she was hoping for. He told her her grandson “misunderstood” what he meant. Williams replied, “No, I don’t think he misunderstood you at all.”

Williams wanted Johnson to be fired from his job. She said, “We just want this teacher removed from the school. He shouldn’t be teaching any kids.”

Jones, on the other hand, said he is afraid to go back in his art class because he “doesn’t know what’s going to happen.”

Meanwhile, the school superintendent issued a statement saying, “Longwood Central School District Central Administration is looking into the matter and trust that any miscommunication or offense taken by the family from a staff member will be remedied through further communication.”