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Thursday, May 17, 2018

White Woman Calls Police on Black Real Estate Investor, But it Backfires on Her!

Michael Hayes

Michael Hayes

Nationwide — Michael Hayes, an African American real estate investor in Memphis, Tennessee, was basically doing his job inspecting a house when a white woman accused him of burglary and called the police. But it backfired on her when the authorities listened to Hayes and told the woman that if she continues to interrupt his job, she would be arrested instead!

In the past few weeks, there have been incidents of racial profiling wherein white people call police on black people for shopping while black, dining while black, or any other things just because they look “suspicious.”

On May 5, Michael Hayes was inspecting and taking photos of a house in need of a repair as a part of his job as a real estate investor. It was at that time when a white woman from a neighboring house came and questioned what he was doing.

Hayes explained to her that he is an investor looking at the property and that the homeowner knew he would be there. He also showed her the investment contract signed by the owner, as well as the written permission indicating that he is allowed to enter the house.

The woman, however, still called the police as if he was trying to commit burglary.

When the police arrived, Hayes began recording a video and explained to them what he was doing there. Favorably, the officers understood the situation and defended Hayes’ right to be there.

“Even if you are inside the residence, and have a perceived burglary unless I’ve got a victim and owner, I can’t prosecute,” the officer can be heard saying in the video.

Hayes responded, “Do you mind telling her that because I really don’t want her behind me. I honestly feel threatened.”

He continued, “If there’s a way that I can do this, I’d like to file a complaint against her… She came out and threatened to call the police on me and was screaming and shouting.”

Hayes said in the video that the officers, as well as the other neighbors, were on his side.

“If you have any problems with her, what I want you to do is call me back over here,” a male officer reassured Hayes. “She will go to jail for that.”

The officer also asked the woman to let Hayes to his job and gave her a warning.

“Hurry up, do it and get out!” the woman then told Hayes.

“He can take all day,” the officer responded.

At Hayes’ request due to his discomfort, the officers agreed to stay outside as he took photos of the property.

The video, which Hayes’ himself posted on YouTube, now has over 2 million views and counting.

“You know why the lady called the police on me,” he said toward the end of the video. “But at the end of the day, she did not just want me in her neighborhood.”

Watch his raw footage below: