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Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Why Do Men Go to Brazil For Love? Highlights Love, Lust, and Life-Threatening Danger

Keith Lane, author of Why Do Men Go to Brazil For Love

Phoenix, AZWhy Do Men Go to Brazil for Love? by Keith Lane is a thriller, romance, and thought-provoking, daring read that challenges readers to look beyond the prism of their everyday lives. The book is officially available for purchase in paperback at BarnesandNoble.com and Amazon.com.

Following the story of one man’s search for love in Brazilian paradise, quickly discovering that life isn’t always as it seems, Why Do Men Go to Brazil for Love? dives deep under the beach parties and beautiful women, showcasing a side of Brazil that’s not normally discussed.

“I wanted to provide readers with a broader and unique perspective on life, starting with my personal Brazilian experience,” said Lane. “I lived, worked, and loved in Brazil, which is why I want to share these real stories with readers looking for this kind of transparent content. In many cases, readers are going to be shocked, surprised, and even enthralled by what they are reading, page over page.”

The story follows protagonist Shawn Lane, a man filled with a thirst for adventure and a vision for making a difference. Stricken by wanderlust, the storyline kicks into gear when Shawn decides to visit Brazil to begin his journey of discovery and love and romance in Brazil.

“Brazil is a very conservative country,” said Lane. “Yet, the country has this perception of parties, lustful women, and drugs, which paints an entirely different picture than the one I had experienced. Because of this, most American men feel like they can find their future wives in Brazil with little effort. This perception couldn’t be farther from the truth, and I can tell you that firsthand. Most Brazilian women are proud and friendly, resisting any advances. They enjoy having fun, sure, but they uphold their values at the end of the day.”

At first, enchanted with the parties, the women, and the food, Shawn thinks he’s found paradise. Everything on a surface level is charming and seemingly blissful. But, slowly, he discovers that Brazil is a land of paradoxes, quickly turning from a wonderland to a nightmare. Exploring the challenges of living in an environment that is entirely foreign from home, Shawn learns valuable lessons about life, love, and Brazil from a lesser-known angle.

“While I taught English in Brazil, someone was trying to kill me,” said Lane. “Wherever I went, I could feel their presence. I even had a close call with cannibals, and a fall I’m not sure how I survived. All of it is true, and inspiration for Why Do Men Go to Brazil for Love?

Why Do Men Go to Brazil for Love? will challenge everything readers previously thought they knew about the South American country, from the culture, to the women that traverse its streets.

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About Keith Lane
Keith Lane received his Bachelor of Science in Psychology at Washington State University. He grew up in Santa Ana, CA. The former football player taught English in Sao Paulo, Brazil, experiencing Brazil from a firsthand perspective. Keith is a member of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity and currently lives in Phoenix, AZ.


Keith Lane