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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Will Smith Announces First Real Tour With DJ Jazzy Jeff — Plus “Bad Boys 3” is in Production

Will Smith and Jazzy Jeff

Nationwide — Rapper/actor Will Smith says he and DJ Jazzy Jeff are going on tour in the summer of 2016 because they never got a chance to do so back in the 1980’s. Smith, who is now 47 years old, made the announcement recently on the Ellen DeGeneres Show.

Smith said, “We never actually had a chance to go out and do a full tour… we released our first record in 1986 … Girls Ain’t Nothing But Trouble was our first record, but by 1990 I was already on The Fresh Prince. So, in that time, we just we were getting started and I never actually had a chance to go on tour.”

He adds, “So I really want to get out there and do it for real.” He also told DeGeneres that the upcoming tour will feature a combination of old hits and new music. “I keep a stash,” he said.

Meanwhile, Jazzy Jeff (who is now 50 years old) told Entertainment Weekly, “Will has been my partner for 30-something years. I’ve been waiting for him just to say, ‘Let’s go.'”

Watch the interview below:

In other news, Smith also announced that Bad Boys 3 with co-star Martin Lawrence should be in theaters “within the next 12 to 16 months.”

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