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Friday, August 5, 2016

Black Entrepreneur Offers Customized Financial and Marketing Solutions For Minority-Owned Businesses and Organizations

Will Walker

Will Walker, Managing Principal of The W.N. Walker Agency

Atlanta, GA — Long-time brand management and banking professional, Will Walker, via The W.N. Walker Agency, is now offering customized financial and marketing products to minority businesses. His company is a full service boutique funding agency that specializes in alternative funding and marketing solutions for businesses of all sizes, worldwide.

The W.N. Walker Agency offers a variety of solutions including:

* Business Working Capital
* Hard Money Lending
* Alternative Customer Financing
* Commercial Loans
* Collateral Based Lending
* Refinance & Cash Out Program
* Targeted Marketing Solutions and more.

As Managing Principal, Will saw the need to not only provide products that will be able to accommodate immediate needs for businesses, but also solutions that will help businesses flourish and promote rapid growth.

With over 18 years of experience in international banking, brand management and public relations, Will Walker is a proud advocate of supporting African-American owned businesses. He understands the importance of expansion and growth for Black-owned businesses. “Strengthening our community through economic development while being a champion of change is a necessity for us to flourish,” Will comments.

“The W.N. Walker Agency specializes in creating solid financial and marketing solutions for the African-American community,” he adds. “Each company and business has different needs; our focus is customizing solutions around each businesses’ need in order to promote future growth. Building lasting relationships and tailoring solutions for our clients is the foundation of The W.N. Walker Agency.”

“Whether you are a small business owner needing customer financing or a flourishing business needing more capital to stay afloat, there is value in each product offered at our agency. Existing companies stay and come back with us because of the special relationship we build with them,” he says.


Business Working Capital
They understand that fast and flexible access to short-term funding is essential to the growth of businesses. Their Business Working Capital product features 6 – 17 month terms and fixed payment options. It has the flexibility to accommodate specific needs, so that business owners can focus on building their business.

Alternative Customer Financing
With their Alternative Customer Financing solution, businesses are now able to provide their customers financing with absolutely no credit check. They provide you access to new customers by expanding your market to those who don’t have the full amount for your service. Now they will be able to afford products and services from you by spreading out their payments.

Geofencing for Business
Geofencing allows businesses and organizations to establish a virtual fence around a predefined geographic area. When mobile users enter or exit an area, you can set your customized ad to push directly to users through a push notification.


Hyper-specific, location-based mobile advertising will help you find, engage and retain customers. Dramatically expand customer engagement by increasing visibility to your brand, product or business. Place a virtual fence around any zip code, building or neighborhood. Send targeted ads directly to the mobile devices of new and existing customers who pass through your virtual digital fence.

For more information on The W.N. Walker Agency, visit www.wnwalker.com, email contact@wnwalker.com or contact 212-390-1198.