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Monday, December 22, 2014

New Book Chronicles 168 Years of an African American Family — From The Slavery Era to the Technology Age

— Eric B. Willis, publisher and author, announces the release of his book about his African-American family history, American history, and its use as a genealogical and scholarly reference source. —

Willis Handbook by Eric B. Willis

Bookcover and author Eric B. Willis

Waterford, MI — Panoply House of Publishing, Publishing, a new self publishing company, has released its first publication. Many have expressed great enthusiasm for Eric B. Willis’ book release which consists of a richly detailed chronicle of his African-American family over the course of 168 years – between the mid-19th century slavery era in Mississippi and into the technology age of the 21st century throughout the United States.

The 872-page hardcover narrative The Willis Handbook: An Intersection of Genealogy, Memoirs & History of a Black American Family 1835-2003 cleverly intertwines family biographies with related local, state, and national historical events. Additionally, black-and-white and full color photographs, records, maps, and well-documented research create interest for the reader, as well as accountability. Willis has described his first book “like a treasured heirloom meets an encyclopedia.” The book will appeal to people of all ethnicities with a range of pursuits from academic, to genealogical, to regional histories.

“This is a tremendous achievement.” –- Dr. Irma Watkins-Owens, Associate Professor of African American Studies and History and former Director of African Studies at Fordham University

“He’s done just an epic piece of tracing his family. He has put years into this. He even has photographs. When I look at some of his work–the things that he’s uncovered about his family, it’s wonderful.” — Darlene Dickson, CEO of Manifold-Grace Publishing House, LLC

About the Author:
Eric B. Willis, a genealogist and freelance writer with over thirteen years of experience, is the founder of Panoply House of Publishing and a member of the International Society of Genetic Genealogy. A native of Detroit, Michigan, Willis lives in Waterford, Michigan with his family. For more information, visit his website at www.panoplyhouseofpublishing.com.

Eric B. Willis
Panoply House of Publishing, LLC
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