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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Woman Admits Infecting More Than 300 Men With HIV

Kenyan Woman Infected 300 Men With HIV

Nakuru, Kenya — A Kenyan woman has admitted that she has purposely infected over 300 men with the HIV virus. And she told the Kenyan Daily Post that she’s doing it in revenge for a man who had unprotected sex with her while she was drunk, and gave her the virus.

The woman, whose name remains anonymous, is only 19 years old and said that she was a virgin until she went clubbing with some students at a local university. She claims that when she woke up the next morning, she realized that one of the guys had sex with her while she was intoxicated.

She asked the boy if he used a condom and he told her “yes”, but when taking a bath she noticed semen in her vaginal area. “I wanted to commit suicide, I feared getting pregnant and HIV,” she said. And sure enough, in time, she did find out that she was HIV positive. And that’s when she decided to get revenge on as many men as possible.

“I buried the good girl in me and became the bad girl, my goal was to infect as many as possible,” she explained.

According to the Kenyan Daily Post, she has confessed to infecting 324 men, 156 of which are students at the Kabarak University where she studies. She says the rest are married men, lecturers, lawyers, celebrities and politicians. She added that her goal is to infect 2,000 men in the East African nation, the Kenyan Daily Post reported.

“Not a day passes without me having sex, mostly 4 people per day,” she continued in her confessional.

The newspaper she confessed to promised to keep her name private, but they did post photos of her from her Facebook page.

What do you think? Is she really doing this? Or is she just trying to get attention?