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Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Woman Burns Her Face With Acid — and Then Tells Police That a Black Woman Did It!

Lizzie Dunn, burned her face with acid and told a black woman did it

Lizzie Dunn

Woodrow, NY — Lizzie Dunn, a 52-year-old white woman from Staten Island, suffers from second-degree burns after fabricating a story that a black woman sprayed acid on her face. Turns out the black woman was imaginary and she did that to herself.

In Dunn’s statement, she said a black woman around 40 years of age is asking for cigarettes and money then grabbed her and sprayed her with acid.

“She had a nice tone to her voice and her tone started to change when I didn’t I have the second thing she requested,” Dunn said. “And she seemed angry when she talked to me the next time she said, ‘Do you at least have the time?’ I just kept walking, I didn’t respond and I think that triggered something in her.”

Andrew Kenwood, a worker in Rocco’s Deli, the nearby restaurant she went to get help, called the police for her. She was rushed to the nearby hospital where she was treated for second-degree wounds on her face and scalp.

She continued the deceit until the next day when a thorough police investigation revealed that she sprayed a homemade substance on her own face. Her other injuries and scars also indicate that this is not the first time that she did this to herself.

“The alleged acid assault in the Woodrow area yesterday has been found to have not occurred,” the New York Police Department’s 123rd Precinct tweeted on the day after the incident. “The injuries were self-inflicted and there is no perpetrator. There is no threat to the public.”

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