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Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Thousands of Women Worldwide Losing Up to 10 Pounds a Month Without Exercising — 5 Ways How They Are Doing It!

By Renee Hughes, Natural Health Coach

African American woman losing weight

Nationwide — It does not have to be this hard! The roller coaster of emotion, guilt, trial and error of getting fit can feel like emotional terrorism. We are flooded with conflicting information on how to get and stay fit and NONE of it seems to work long-term. According to The New York Times, science is telling us more and more now about genetic factors and how our body literally fights some of us to stay or get back to fat. So how do you win the battle?

Consistent, sustainable choices and daily action lead to success. Here are 5 ways to lose up to 10 pounds a month without having to exercise:

#1 – Eat Clean: A buzz “word” that’s lost all meaning as the definition changes based on the belief system of the writer. What fitness leaders can agree on is that eating clean means eating food that your body can recognize as food. Real food doesn’t say “all natural” on a package-it most often doesn’t come in a package, it comes from an edible plant, from the ground, from a tree, from nature. Our body recognizes it as food, it has nutrients that can be absorbed and used in the body rather than stored as fat. Our bodies are beautifully designed and can “digest” things not meant for consumption. So when you eat something that your body doesn’t immediately reject and you feel full and satisfied, don’t mistake that for being nourished.

#2 – Better Hydrate Yourself: Water helps our bodies to get rid of toxins. This is something else that most fitness experts can agree on. Water helps to get nutrients through the body and to flush out toxins rather than have them stored as fat in your body.

#3 – Take Supplements: There is no replacement for eating a clean diet. Supplements are just that-they supplement (add to) an already healthy diet. Many experts believe that the cleanest diet in the world is not enough to combat what our bodies face in today’s world. Supplements are needed to fill the gaps that occur in our imperfect bodies whether it be from genetics or lifestyle.

#4 – Stay Active: Exercise is important, and most health and wellness professionals agree that the body needs exercise for a number of health reasons. However, it is not the only way to lose weight! In fact, recent studies say the health benefits of exercise far outweigh its affect on actual weight loss. It can be overwhelming to try and fit an exercise plan into a busy lifestyle. You don’t have to! Take a walk or use a stability ball to strengthen your core right at your desk. There are so many options. Ask your health coach to come up with effective, creative ways to move without having to stick to an exercise plan.

#5 – Be Positive: A lack of energy, motivation and belief that they you can change will sabotage efforts to get fit. Let’s face it…. nobody enjoys being overweight, feeling sluggish, or out of shape. So why is it so hard to change? A key factor is our own thoughts. This is why coaching sessions should include how a person thinks and feels about themselves, about food, fitness and a host of other things. If you find that you know what to do but just aren’t doing it, consider finding a natural health consultant, health coach or wellness coach that offers regular (weekly or daily) support for your journey. You may find it to be the final key to get you unstuck and in the best shape of your life.

Renee Hughes is an African American health columnist and natural health coach that offers 10-day and 30-day programs to less fat, more energy and more happy. To schedule a free 15-minute Skype or telephone consultation, visit www.sheresults.com or contact her at (678) 250-3202 or Renee@SHEresults.com.


Renee A. Hughes
She Results
(678) 250-3202

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