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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Women and Mothers All Over the Country Love, Love, Love These E-Books — Thousands of Copies Already Downloaded!

Single Mom Ebooks


Nationwide — Produced and sold exclusively by UrbanEbooks.com, there are two books that are wildly popular among single mothers across the country. They are Go Girl Go! 2016 Directory of Grants, Scholarships and More For Women and The Single Mom’s Guide to Financial Freedom (101+ Real Organizations and Programs That Can Help You Pay Bills, Collect Child Support, Attend College, Start a Biz, and More!). Thousands of these and other e-books via the web site have already been downloaded.

Go Girl Go! 2016 Directory of Grants, Scholarships and More For Women is an extensive compilation and directory for women of all ethnic backgrounds in the United States. It reveals how to get FREE money and funding from government agencies, non-profit organizations, and major corporations, and it lists more than 100 opportunities.

The Single Mom’s Guide to Financial Freedom is an extensive compilation and directory of more than 100 organizations, programs, and government agencies that specifically help women pay their bills, pay for daycare, collect child support, attend college, start/ expand a business, and more!

Both books are designed to help women:
* Start and/or expand a business;
* Fund a non-profit organization;
* Find and apply for scholarships and financial aid opportunities;
* Deal with other financial difficulties that are common among women


These books, and many others, are available for just $2.99 or less at www.UrbanEbooks.com, where they can be instantly downloaded to any computer, smartphone or tablet now.


About Urban Ebooks
UrbanEbooks.com, based in Columbus, Ohio and founded by award-winning entrepreneur Dante Lee, is the newest publisher of books for African American readers. The company released 22 new books in their first six weeks! Their goal is to publish affordable and powerful books that empower African Americans and other minorities. All of their books cost just $2.99 or less, and are available for immediate download.


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