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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Women Thriving Fearlessly Expo Empowering Women and Girls With a Unique Money-Making Opportunity

— Women’s Expo Provides Means to Earn Money —

Women Thriving Fearlessly Expo

Women professionals and entrepreneurs attending last year’s event

Palos Hills, ILThe Women Thriving Fearlessly (WTF) Expo, an expo whose primary purpose is to empower women, has stepped up and taken action towards that very thing by allowing women’s groups, clubs, and organizations to sell tickets and keep 100% of the money to use towards the betterment of its members. The founder of the expo, Erika Gilchrist, has implemented a plan to empower more than 100 organizations total.

“By allowing women and young girls to sell $10 tickets and keep all of the money, they learn three things: How to engage with the public, how to strategize to achieve the highest earning potential, and how to become more self sufficient,” says Gilchrist. “After all, this expo is designed to promote entrepreneurship,” she continued.

By donating tickets in this fashion, the expo is projected to have more than 1,500 attendees for its inaugural event. The approach has been met with mixed reactions like skepticism, surprise, and gratitude. Gilchrist says, “The first response when I tell them to keep all of the money is bewilderment – like they didn’t hear me correctly.” She continues, “Once they understand that it’s for real, the response becomes more heartfelt rather than skeptical.”

Women from male dominated industries take the stage to offer a no holds barred reveal on how to thrive as women in business. They represent companies like Chicago Cubs, WGN-TV, and Fiverr.com. The expo is set to take place at Moraine Valley Community College in Palos Hills, IL on Saturday, April 28th 2018 from 10:30am – 4:00pm CST. More information about the expo can be found at www.WTFexpo.com

About the founder
Erika Gilchrist, award-winning speaker, author, and social entrepreneur, hosts numerous events throughout the year in the Chicagoland area. For more information about this event, or to schedule an interview with Erika Gilchrist, please call 866-443-6769 ext 2 or e-mail admin@theunstoppablewoman.net

Ms. Gilchrist is also available for last minute interviews to fill cancelled guests slots.