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Wednesday, October 16, 2019

The World’s Most Comprehensive African American History Collection is in Crisis Mode

Elizabeth Meaders, an 87-year old teacher who spent more than 50 years collecting over 20,000 valuable Black history items to create this collection says she is disappointed about the lack of support

Most comprehensive Black history collection

Nationwide — The world’s most comprehensive African American history collection is called “The African American History Trust”. The collection is the chronological lovingly documented history of a noble people called African Americans’ and sadly this collection is in crisis-mode. This collection of more than 20,000 history items was created over more than a 50-year collecting period by an 87-year old N.Y. teacher named Elizabeth Meaders.

Several history professionals who have examined her collection have called it the world’s most comprehensive African American history collection because its historical materials could create at least 10 subject specific “stand alone” African American museums.

The African American History Trust collection also showcases some magnificent and dramatically important singular African American History treasures such as: Bill Pickett’s saddle, Satchel Paige’s rocking chair, Sammy Davis’ Spingarn medal, Marcus Garvey’s death mask, Bessie Coleman’s photo, a life size wax statue of Hank Aaron, a CDV of Robert Smalls, a Joe Louis statue, a General Butler medal, a Jackie Robinson hat and a Bert Williams rug. The collection also contains a Marcus Garvey archive, a rare autograph group, a folk art and a decorative art component. Pictures of some of these treasures can be viewed on the Elizabeth Meaders website at www.BlackHistoryTreasures.com, which also provides videos and additional information about the Meaders history project.

“Who will rescue the African American History Trust?” Meaders asks. She says that if a municipality, or an institution or an individual were to embrace the African American History Trust, the collection could be shared and developed in many creative ways. The new owner could choose to create an inspirational and impactful venue named in their honor or they could share the individual collections with colleges or museums and have new wings named in their honor. Another magnificent idea that Elizabeth holds very dear is an “out of the box”, “earth shattering”, “mind blowing” wish that the Michelle and Barack Obama Foundation would purchase the African American History Trust collection and add it to the Barack Obama Presidential Library as a “people to people” teaching and healing institution. This proposal, if adopted, would create a wonderful and inspiring African American mega complex unlike anything in existence. Its creation would enrich and empower visitors. It would also make Chicago a must visit destination.

Who will rescue the African American History Trust? Elizabeth Meaders secretly dreams about a mystery rescuer who she feels exists somewhere in the universe ready to embrace this project. This unique embrace would be a dramatic legacy-creating, “once in a lifetime” consecrated opportunity for the rescuer. Ms. Meaders firmly believes that this angel rescuer would be a Patriotic Philanthropic Humanitarian who is cast in the same mold as well known proven philanthropists such as: Oprah Winfrey, Robert F. Smith, LeBron James, and Camille Cosby. It would be easy for them to join their ranks by embracing the African American History Trust. Ideally this dreamed about mystery angel – rescuer would also be culturally conscious so they would absolutely know that African American history has the power to expand the mind… heal the soul… and soothe the heart. Harriet knew it, Sojourner knew it, Fannie Lou Hamer knew it, Marcus knew it, Malcolm knew it, Frederick knew it, and Dr. King knew it.

Ms. Meaders feels that “yes”, there truly is someone else out there who knows “it” too. She fervently prays that it is the preordained destiny for the African American History Trust to join hands with this dreamed about angel rescuer who would then resolve this regrettable African American history crisis. The new “savior” would champion this sanctified critically needed African American history project onto greater glory for their self and for the world at large.

Learn more about the collection at www.BlackHistoryTreasures.com


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