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Wednesday, April 11, 2018

New Program Helps African American and Low Income Students With the College Admissions and Enrollment Process

Cheryl Hudson, co-founder of Xcel Scholastic

Cheryl Hudson, Co-Founder and a Sr. Academic Advisor of Xcel Scholastic, consulting with a student

Corona, CAXcel Scholastic, an independent academic resource for families of college-bound high school students, offers academic advising for what many students and parents have come to realize is a very daunting task; the college admissions and enrollment process. This is especially the case for 1st generation college eligible students and low-income families. The objective for Xcel Scholastic is to offer assistance to those families by making the process for getting into college, stress-free and easier.

Xcel Scholastic is a group of independent academic advisors with over 20 years’ experience, providing assistance and guidance for families who feel challenged or overwhelmed with the policies and necessary procedures that colleges have in place to meet their admissions and enrollment requirements. Xcel Scholastic consultants are seasoned college admissions/recruitment professionals who are well-versed in all aspects of the college admissions process for public and private institutions.

Services offered by Xcel Scholastic include:
* A – G evaluation and recommendations (for California HS students)
* HS Course/Extra-Curricular evaluation and recommendations
* Assistance with securing effective recommendation letters
* Developing a college preparation “Action Plan” for each year of high school
* Developing Test Prep and Testing schedules
* Assistance with finding their “Best Fit” college or university
* Assistance with evaluating financial aid packages
* College and financial aid application support
* College essay preparation and evaluation
* Personal interview preparation and evaluation
* Assistance with evaluating college offers
* Assistance with navigating the social media waters
* Reminders of important deadlines and special events

Xcel Scholastic is the ideal advocate and partner for students and parents as they navigate through the college admissions process. They have successfully assisted qualified students through the admissions process by getting them into colleges and universities throughout the country.

The process for getting into college is easier when working with Xcel. For more details, visit www.xcelscholastic.com


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