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Thursday, November 30, 2017

Daughter of a Violent Schizophrenic Bipolar Woman Awarded Silver Medal of Excellence for #1 Top-Rated E-book on Amazon

Yassin Hall, author of Journey Untold

Author Yassin Hall has been awarded the Readers’ Favorite Silver Medal of Excellence in Writing for her memoir Journey Untold

Miami, FLJourney Untold: My Mother’s Struggle with Mental Illness written by Yassin Hall and co-authored by Lo’an Sewer recently won the 2017 Readers’ Favorite Silver Medal of Excellence in Writing Young Adult – Non-Fiction category at the International Book Awards Ceremony in Miami, Florida on November 18th, 2017. The Readers’ Favorite International Book Award Contest featured thousands of contestants from over a dozen countries ranging from new independent authors to NYT best-sellers and celebrities.

After 60 consecutive weeks of being identified as one of Amazon’s #1 best-sellers, Journey Untold has now become one of the #1 top-rated Amazon Kindle eBooks of 2017.

Since her January 1st, 2015 release date of Journey Untold, Yassin Hall residing in Buford, Georgia has served as an educator, Program Director of the Journeys Wellness at the Boys at Girls Club, mental health advocate, and activist working with the U.S.V.I legislature to change mental health committal laws. Hall created and led the #EndtheStigmaUSVI campaign team where she traveled to the U.S. Virgin Islands with three other mental health professionals educating over 2,000 students and educators regarding mental health awareness. As a result, Hall was able to assist in passing three major legislative bills related to increasing the involuntary commitment time for mental health patients. The bill numbers include: 31-0279, 32-0084, and 32-0085.

Journey Untold is written in a first person account about Yassin’s childhood in the Virgin Islands and her life as an adult. Yassin’s mother struggled from clinical depression (undiagnosed) unbeknownst to the family (due to lack of resources) which ultimately led to schizophrenia. As a result, Yassin’s mother became delusional which evolved in violence behavior including trying to kill Yassin. The paranoia further caused her to take to the streets. Her ultimate demise was he succumbing to cancer. For years Yassin carried this silent trauma as a child and it affected her well into adulthood. Her mom received minimal help, she suffered in silence and there was no awareness or treatment on Yassin’s behalf from her teachers, counselors or the mental health professionals.

Here’s what readers are saying:

“Incredible memoir that is captivating! This memoir touches the heart and speaks for those who shared the same journey! Great read!” — Sherra Blue

“This book is awe-inspiring…It truly demonstrates that every struggle in your life can be made into a driving force to conquer all your heart’s desires.” — Annette Roebuck

“Wow, deep! Thank you for bringing a hidden disease and problem that many sweep under the rug in the Caribbean community to light.” — Colette C. Christopher

This transformative book grips readers from the beginning and takes you on an emotional ride through the eyes of a child as she matures into womanhood. Journey Untold is available for purchase in print, e-book, Kindle, Google Play, Nook and sold on Amazon.com. It is also distributed in Barnes and Noble as well as in the U.S. Virgin Islands at the following locations: St. Thomas –The Owl and Seahorse Bookstore; St. Croix – Undercover Books; St. John – The Pink Papaya Shop.

For more information about Journey Untold, please visit www.JourneyUntold.com or www.YassinHall.com


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